Long time , no write!!

I can’t believe it is nearly 2 months since I last blogged.  Where does the time go?  – answer s on a post card please!

So what has been happening.  I have just come back , well a week ago – from 4 days in Reykjavik which was a wonderful experience.  I went with 3 friends and we had a great time exploring this very intimate city.  We didn’t unfortunately see the Northern Lights but never the less had an enjoyable time visiting some of the other natural phenomenon that the island has to offer.  It was rather strange to leave Heathrow when it was blanketed in snow to land in Keflavik where there was none to be seen!!  The climate did oblige before we left with 4 or 5 inches so we weren’t totally disappointed.  Glad I don’t have to drive over there though as the city is very hilly!   Am now busy scrapping some of the many photos I took so I may get around to pasting some on here in the next few days.

Mean while here for those who are interested is the Christmas cushion cover I made for my in-laws.ImageIt was well received and I am contemplating making another one for myself to replace the very tatty original one.

Have decided that maybe short posts are the way to go so I will get back to the scrap-booking and maybe see you all again sooner rather than later.

Happy Crafting

Tricia x

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JYC – cards

Have tryied to add this photo to a thread on JYC but can’t manage it so am putting it here so people can see what I’m talking about.

card display - 2011

card display – 2011


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WOYWW confession

WOYWW 5th Dec 2012

WOYWW 5th Dec 2012

First of all I must apologise as I didn’t get around many desks last week.  Not sure where the week went and am not sure where this week is going either.  The to do list / pile seems to grow daily and there was me thinking I wasn’t going to get stressed by Christmas this year.  Well I’m not going to get stressed I just need to ensure that the days are filled as effectively as they can be.

My desk this morning shows a little bit of progress on my cushion cover and in the top left hand corner my book in which I am attempting to Journal  My Christmas with the help of the talented Shimelle Laine.  There is a list of cards still to be written and also the original cushion cover I am attempting to recreate for a present.   There is also a little book which came free with a crafting magazine this week.  It is a WI book and is full of little quotes and tips to make Christmas run smoothly.

Right I must go and get the sewing machine set up and get started on sewing those bits down and also wait for the wood to be delivered as that will take up the rest of the day piling that up around the back.  Keeps me fit, just hope it doesn’t snow as some of my local friends have had snow over night.  Not had any here though just 10 miles up the road.   Thank Goodness.

Join in the desk by going to our great leader Julies desk at Stamping Ground here.

Happy Crafting and Happy WOYWW.


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Another WOYWW

Another Wednesday sees us joining in with our esteemed leader Julia here at Stamping Ground as we hop along to see where and what other people craft.

WOYWW 28 Nov 2012

My table this week is piled high with christmas card toppers waiting to be finished and a journal I am prepping to join in again with Shimmelles ‘Journal Your Christmas’.  I have to say that my journal for last year is still unfinished.  There is lots of writing and bits ready but I never really had the time or the heart to finish it .   I’m determined to do it this year though which is why I decided I would prep the basic pages before hand.  I’m not sure whether I will regret doing it this way as the papers may not be right for the prompt contents but at least I won’t have to scrabble around for basic bits.  I’m not sure if Morti is able to see I have taken on board her suggestion of ‘grounding’ my Nativity and it did make them more acceptable so I feel able to send off the ones already completed.  I have quite a few of this little design to finish off so that is my project for today when I have finished the portion of clearing out of junk which I have set myself.

Woolcraft Ribbon yarn from Wibbling Wools.

My other picture today is a lovely scarf I have knitted, yes knitted.  It is beautiful yarn but not cheap but I am afraid I couldn’t resist buying a couple of packs for a few christmas presents.   Quick and effective to knit up and handcrafted so always a bonus.

Hope you enjoyed you look around my desk.  Leave a comment and I will get back to you at some stage.  I usually get to every 5 up and down from me but it often takes a day or two to do even that so I greatly admire all those who manage to visit everyone.

Happy Crafting and hope the weather is good where you are and that if it isn’t then you are keeping warm and dry.


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A present and WOYWW

Yesterday was my ‘honorary ‘ granddaughters birthday and I had knitted her a cardigan using Sirdar Smiley Stripes yarn.

D’s birthday cardigan – 2012

So this was what was on my desk yesterday morning.  Well OK it was on the dining table but there is nothing going on today on either desk. There is another scarf on the needles will I will show next week or maybe before, but that is not on view any where as it is tidily in a bag.

Only a quick post as off out to lunch – again.  Was out for lunch yesterday and had dinner with the birthday girl.   Lasagne, salad, garlic bread and jelly, custard and ‘sprinkles’.   quite sophisticated for a 6-year-old.  Mummy even put a candle in the jelly which made us giggle as it was wobbling in the dish!    There had been an ‘ official’ party at the weekend so no cake!

Hope you all have a good look at others desks and I will be back later to have a look around.  Amazes me how even just doing the every 5th up and down from me I often end up at the same desks.  It’s as if everyone joins in the same order every week.

Happy Crafting


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Another day when all the followers of the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground share their desks, tables, floors  and other crafting places.

Mine today is the dining room table where I was crafting yesterday afternoon and will probably not be crafting today or even eating today as I have been invited out to dine with my YS and his family. This will also mean I get to see Daisy and Barnaby this week.

WOYWW 180 – 14th Nov 2012.

The table is also strewn with felt and a cushion cover I am going to ‘christmas up’ for a certain person in the family.  I have rather old cheap christmas cushions bought, I think, off a market stall many years ago which were greatly admired last year so I am going to see what I can do to recreate the same for a present this year.  It will keep me out of mischief for a day or two!!   The list is some things I took to WI for the trading table last night  and I’m not sure why the nail file is there.   The little tiny stamp is my ‘tag’ for the back of my cards along with my signature ‘Handcrafted by Tricia’.   I also use it on other items which I make.

Well this is all for now, the roofer has just come to tell me that he needs to replace the batons under the tiles on the hip end of my roof and not just the ridge tiles so that is more expense I could do with out.  My next door neighbour has just been up at his end to see what the damage is and says they definitely need replacing.  Don’t suppose we can complain really as the house is getting on for 100 years old and has probably never had any of these things replaced before, just a pity it should have to be while the house is in my care!!!  Oh well such is life.

Have a good day all and if I don’t get to visit today I will get there over the next day or so.  I usually visit all who visit me and every 5 up and down from my number.  Would love to visit everyone but would  just never get anything else done!

Happy Crafting.


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A productive day with chocolate!

I have promised to help out at the Village Autumn Fair tomorrow and was offered either the gift stall or helping with the teas.  No contest really as I hate catering of any sort and especially teas.  I like my tea black and very ‘thin’ if you know what I mean.  I’m a dip it in and take it out type of gal where tea is concerned so hence the aversion to making copious quantities of it.  Anyway I digress.  I spent yesterday covering chocolate bars and Elizabeth Shaw chocs in a bid to at least have something on the gift stall.  I’m hoping that the lady who asked me to help will have a goodly supply of things to sell as gifts.  If not then we won’t be making much on that stall!!

Father Christmas , Reindeer, Trees and Snowman lend themselves fairly easily to covering little bars of chocolate

Christmas Favours 2012

and I was quite pleased with my little robins which I fashioned for the slightly more adult version.  The packs of 6 bars have been on offer at different times in the supermarkets so I usually stock up on the when I see them.  ( They are good for when I’m needing a chocolate fix too.)   Elizabeth Shaw chocolates are the same and often appear as BOGOF and this year they also had an Amaretto variety which is scrummy – well you have to do a test don’t you!  Sorry the light has bounced off the cellophane bags but there didn’t seem to be any way I could stop that .  I have to say these ideas aren’t mine.  I saw them on the lovely Lisa’s blog at least two years ago and adapted them .   I can’t seem to find the actual items on her blog but there is a link to her blog which has lots of interesting things on there.  She is a very talented lady and I don’t want to think that I am using her talents in a bad way.

Well that is me done.  Off to have some home-made soup and then off to town to see the chiropodist.  Oh what an exciting life I lead.

Enjoy your weekend and keep crafting.


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