WOYWW confession

WOYWW 5th Dec 2012

WOYWW 5th Dec 2012

First of all I must apologise as I didn’t get around many desks last week.  Not sure where the week went and am not sure where this week is going either.  The to do list / pile seems to grow daily and there was me thinking I wasn’t going to get stressed by Christmas this year.  Well I’m not going to get stressed I just need to ensure that the days are filled as effectively as they can be.

My desk this morning shows a little bit of progress on my cushion cover and in the top left hand corner my book in which I am attempting to Journal  My Christmas with the help of the talented Shimelle Laine.  There is a list of cards still to be written and also the original cushion cover I am attempting to recreate for a present.   There is also a little book which came free with a crafting magazine this week.  It is a WI book and is full of little quotes and tips to make Christmas run smoothly.

Right I must go and get the sewing machine set up and get started on sewing those bits down and also wait for the wood to be delivered as that will take up the rest of the day piling that up around the back.  Keeps me fit, just hope it doesn’t snow as some of my local friends have had snow over night.  Not had any here though just 10 miles up the road.   Thank Goodness.

Join in the desk by going to our great leader Julies desk at Stamping Ground here.

Happy Crafting and Happy WOYWW.


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13 Responses to WOYWW confession

  1. Roudi says:

    Looks like there’s lots going on here! Hope you finish everything on time. xx
    Happy WOYWW! ♥
    Roudi #48

  2. Wipso says:

    Love the looks of your Christmas makes Tricia. You can keep the snow with you for a while longer 🙂
    A x #42

  3. ukmaryanne says:

    Ah so the wordpress snow is all over the place! 🙂 Have fun with JYC – it’s so popular and yet I’ve never managed it. Better luck to you! Have a great day!

    MA (23)

  4. Brigita says:

    Your cushion looks to be coming along nicely. I would like to see snow for Christmas but it’s rare where I live…plus it is like spring weather right now. Brigita #96

  5. scrappymo! says:

    The cushion is coming along and the peek at the cover of your Journal your Christmas looks great.! You will have to show us more of that!

  6. Apryl says:

    Good luck on keeping it a no stress zone! Thanks for sharing your desk 🙂

    #11 Apryl

  7. joZarty says:

    Great makes going on there and I admire you for doing JMC!! anyhow just throw the list away and what needs doing will get done! Have fun and thanks for popping in on me!
    Jo x

  8. candellecreations says:

    Love the cushion – hope you get everything done in time – don’t we all get in such a rush at Christmas!!
    Happy WOYWW

  9. butterfly says:

    Little by little, step by step – and you’re so right… stressing about it will get us nowhere! Good luck with the rest of the prep, and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  10. Sounds like you are keeping on top of it so well done! Love the look of your cushion – I made a Christmas cushion this year for a blog hop I was in – great fun. Sunshine Girl no. 21

  11. Neet says:

    What a delightful cushion cover – will we get to see it when it is plumped up – please. You are so much more organised than I am for Christmas. Enjoy the week.
    Hugs, Neet 46 xx

  12. Lisa M says:

    Christmas always ends up being such a busy time however organised we think we are doesn’t it?
    Your cushion are gorgeous. I bet they stay out all your round!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #56

  13. Lots going on. Have fun
    Thanks for stopping by

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