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I didn’t think I would join in this week as I was out to a meeting early this morning and knew it would be well into the afternoon before I got home, then I am out again this evening and have to get something to eat before I go.   The image was taken ‘just in case’ and I felt quite bereft not joining in when I got back to the computer so here I am , better late than never as they say!

WOYWW 7/11/2012

The desk is just as full as ever but you can at least make out the cards I made during the week.   There are some bauble ones at the back which I’m really pleased with but the little nativity ones at the front are not quite what I was intending.  To the left is a pile of images which were all stamped out last year but never used so I am having to match them up with paper now.  Despite the size the desk rarely gets used for working on at the moment.  The dining table is in a much warmer place and the light is better down there so I usually make my selection og items and take them to the table.  I have to admit they don’t always get taken back as quickly as they ought to , but there again as there is just me I just exercise the ‘push back’ technique for a day or two till the project is completed.

Join Julia over here if you want to join in the desk hopping.

Happy Crafting


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The promised pictures

I said I would post a couple of pictures today of the scarf and my lovely Grandson. So here for you is Barnaby

Barnaby 14 days old

aged 14 days in his adoring daddy’s arms.  Son didn’t want me to take his photo as he was in his messy clothes!!     There is also the picture of the scarf

Noro sock wool scarf

I made using 80 grms of Noro sock wool which I had left from making the cardigan to be seen here.  I used the pattern which was one of the elements of Barnaby’s shawl here cos it was a very simple pattern and quite effective.  I think it will be a very useful item but am not sure whether to keep it or give it away for Christmas.

These photos never go where I want them the first time around and I always forget its easier to write the text and then insert the photos and not try to insert the photos as I go.  Just had to delete them and start again as they were all over the place.  Technology does make me spit sometimes!!

Well hope you’re all feeling better on this 1st November day.  Have to start thinking of Christmas now I suppose.

Happy Crafting


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WOYWW and some answers

First of all thank you to all who visited me last week and a few answers to questions:   a) The desk is from Storage 4 Crafts and I do like it.  Lots of space to work on  – when I use it,  (b) – My bedroom is very big and goes from front to back of the house and as I’m on my own now there is not an issue with using the space.  I still have an alcove the other side which is almost ample for my needs, (c) – the unit with the ink pads was originally made for files 40 years ago and I repainted it recently and repurposed it.  It was more a happy accident that they fitted  than anything else.

So what is on my desk today.   Pretty much what was there last week.  I have finished  the cushion and was trying to organise the punches which reside in two places – one drawer and one bag which is not visible.

WOYWW 31 Oct 2012

The idea was to keep a record of what I have but I haven’t decided where they are going to be kept yet. This picture is taken from a slightly different angle so you can see more of the other corner of the desk.  I’m still moving stuff downstairs to do on occasion and there is a pile of acetate bits waiting cutting up for re-use later on.  Not sure what to make yet but sure something will come to mind.

If you don’t know what WOYWW is about, join in with this little community here  and hop around desks of the world as you like.  Julie is the Queen of WOYWW, she will make you smile .

I will be back later with a picture of my new grandson and a scarf I have made but Julie likes us to keep the post short for WOYWW.

Happy crafting.

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A return to WOYWW

I haven’t participated in WOYWW for a long time but have been a lurker on a few of my favourite desks and Julies of course over that time.  Reading peoples blogs with their triumphs and difficulties has helped to keep me sane over the last few months or so.  My work desk arrangement has changed a lot since I was last here and I no longer have the lovely south-facing window I had before.  The desk is now a corner of my bedroom and I usually gather my supplies and work on the dining room table.  This is not the best arrangement as I end up going up and down the stairs as work evolves.  Sounds familiar – yeah?!

Here is my desk this morning, had to swing the curtain up over the pole to even get any light as it is so dull here today.

WOYWW 24 Oct 2012

The pink nighty draped on the cushion is destined to be converted today to go on my bed.  The Elizabeth Shaw chocolates are also on the cards for revamping into favours – they were two for one in Sainsburys this week.  There are some other boxes which I’m thinking of altering or pulling apart for patterns, and there is the big WOYWW ‘W’ which I altered for the 100th WOYWW PIF I think and then liked it so much I couldn’t give it away and so did something else!!   In the move from one room to the other I seem to have lost the two lovely items I have received from other Woyww-ers so I must look them out at sometime.  They will be lurking somewhere in my mountain of stash I ‘m sure.

hopefully not too long a post.  Join Julie here for a look at what lots of people are doing in the world of WOYWW.    Off to get the machine out and then will be back later to look at some of your desks.

Happy Crafting


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Shawl finished, Grand-child here

but not in that order.!!

Last week I spent a few days in Yorkshire attending a school centenary celebration as well as spending time with my parents.  The down time was spent studiously finishing the remaining elements of the shawl hoping it would be finished in time for baby’s birth.  Came home in the knowledge that all that was needed was to sew it all together, no problem – a couple of evenings work , three at the most and it could be safely handed over so baby could be brought home from hospital in it.    Didn’t work out that way.  Phone call from YS on way home informed me DIL2B was about to have an emergency caesarean.    By the time I got home Barnaby had been born 27 days early weighing 6lbs 10.5ozs.  Mother and baby doing well, son over the moon.    I have to say I wonder what weight he would have been if he had been full term.  So grandma has spent the last few nights sewing up the shawl and they received it on Sunday.  Here is a picture of it draped on my sofa and a bit of the detail.

Corner detail of Barnabys shawl.

Shawl for Barnaby

I now need to get a couple of little hats knitted to keep his head warm and then I can start on Christmas preparations.  Have a few cards made but need more so the fun will begin soon.

Lovely day here today, hope you are all having some sun and had a good crafting weekend.

Happy day and keep smiling.


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So where have I been for the last two months.  Here and there. Doing this and that.  Reading and lurking at the blogs I follow and occasionally commenting.  I admire so many of you for posting on such a regular basis.  I am finding that really hard to do but I think I probably set my self too high a bench mark in the first place and therefore tired easily.

Life has been busy and is set to get busier as the new grandchild is due 5 weeks today.  Shawl is not finished so am crazily knitting to get the result I want and telling DIL2B that she can’t have the baby early!!!   It has not been an easy pregnancy so she is hoping it will be early!   My mojo is still a bit up and down so I have good days when I feel like crafting and /or knitting and days when I just want to chill out and do nothing.  It is getting better though and I feel a bit more motivated as the days go on.

Shimelle Laine held her Learn Something New Every Day class again this September and I decided to have a go.  I have written up all the prompts but am only up to-day 14 in my book so a bit behind.  It has given me a bit of focus and helped me to realise that there is something to take from everyday even if you can’t always see it at the time.  Hopefully I will be able to post a page or two later on.

My eldest son finally found himself a place to rent and although I am glad for him as we both needed the space I do miss the company and the conversation albeit minimal sometimes.   Both my sons live about 15 to 20 minutes away so I know they are there close by if I get in a pickle or need help.  I have good neighbours though and am building up a short list of reliable tradesmen.  Although general handymen are hard to find.

Another dull and dismal day here again but fortunately we haven’t had all the terrific rain and floods which some of you have had. So here is a lovely picture of cosmos taken just over a month ago when I went on a visit to some gardens in a local village.


So I will away again and hopefully not be so long in posting next time.  Happy crafting to you all and keep smiling.

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Finally finished….

…. the rose jumper I started last year, well to be truthful I finished it about 3 weeks ago for my birthday.    I took a photo and forgot to post so as it is a dismal miserable day – again –  I’m playing in between doing jobs which are boring but necessary!Rose jumper.   This is different to the pattern which is from a pattern book called ‘NOUVEAU’.  The style is called ‘Sabine’.   Admittedly I didn’t do it in the yarn specified but I was assured by my stockist that the yarn I did use was the same.  I bought 10 balls but it became obvious that maybe the yarn wasn’t the same.  It was a Louisa Harding wool called ‘IANTHE’ colour 12.   I’d read somewhere on the web that the pattern knitted up a bit neat, so being a lady of a certain age I decided that the next size up would be best.  I have shortened the sleeves and I think if I was to knit in the future I might just do the back without the ‘v’ as I find the style a bit revealing for my taste.  I love the jumper though and had lots of compliments when I wear it so that is always a bonus.  Very easy to do as the pattern is a simple one and only one repeat.

Well off to do another of the boring Monday jobs.

Enjoy your day and keep smiling as well as crafting.

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