WOYWW post

I didn’t think I would join in this week as I was out to a meeting early this morning and knew it would be well into the afternoon before I got home, then I am out again this evening and have to get something to eat before I go.   The image was taken ‘just in case’ and I felt quite bereft not joining in when I got back to the computer so here I am , better late than never as they say!

WOYWW 7/11/2012

The desk is just as full as ever but you can at least make out the cards I made during the week.   There are some bauble ones at the back which I’m really pleased with but the little nativity ones at the front are not quite what I was intending.  To the left is a pile of images which were all stamped out last year but never used so I am having to match them up with paper now.  Despite the size the desk rarely gets used for working on at the moment.  The dining table is in a much warmer place and the light is better down there so I usually make my selection og items and take them to the table.  I have to admit they don’t always get taken back as quickly as they ought to , but there again as there is just me I just exercise the ‘push back’ technique for a day or two till the project is completed.

Join Julia over here if you want to join in the desk hopping.

Happy Crafting


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21 Responses to WOYWW post

  1. Wipso says:

    Good to see you joining in again this week. You sound to be a busy bee at the mo and your cards are looking good so far.
    A x #64

  2. twiglet says:

    You need to be cosy to be creative – and I am with you on the push back way to go!! x Jo #70

  3. I really like those cards – even if they aren’t quite what you thought originally

  4. Chloe says:

    I’ve just discovered a new phrase for something I do quite regularly! You make it sound very professional – the ‘push-back technique’ love it! Have a great week x

  5. Nan G says:

    A sister in ‘push-back’ … That’s me! I push it under the shelf until it starts falling off the back edge of my desk. lol I like your cards, too! Nan 19

  6. Oh, how nice to have images already done up! I used up my stash last holiday season. I think the cards are coming along nicely even if some of them weren’t what you envisioned. Along with the push back technique, I use the pile on the floor technique. The floor is useful. Nothing ever falls off the floor.

  7. Minxy says:

    WOW Your desk is overflowing with chrimbo goodness, well done on all those cards
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #1

  8. VonnyK says:

    Wonderful cards. Love your push back technique, my whole house works on that principle 🙂
    Have a great week.
    Von #39

  9. laurie says:

    great job on the cards, I like your style!!

  10. I use the push back technique all the time! Thanks for visiting me and I am glad you liked my organisation tab – the distress ink tags are useful and so are the promarker ones.

  11. okienurse says:

    glad to see you made it! Never too late on WOYWW! Busy looking desk. Looks like you have been having a lot of fun making Christmas Cards. Thanks for visiting my desk! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #77

  12. deeyll says:

    Sooo much going on there! I love your wall/desk organizer…pretty sweet. 🙂 Too bad its not cozy enough for you. But how great that you have the flexibility to switch it up! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment already. Deeyll #88

  13. Morti says:

    I push back, I push sideways, I push upwards….. and sometimes the stuff pushes right back at me too…LOL

    It’s a shame you’re not happy with your Nativity cards but we all get that with something we’ve done occasionally. Looking at them, I’m wondering if the reason you’re unhappy is because the image floats and isn’t grounded? Maybe if you add a little shading in a line just level with and down from where the images would “sit”, it might make them make more sense to you? Enjoy them, nonetheless, they’re quite lovely….

  14. I had to giggle when you said “push back” I practice that also…seems like I am more creative that way…start a project, push back, start another project, push back, go back to the first one and finish! I do finish, just not all at once. Glad you could make it this week,

    Hugs! #133

  15. Julia says:

    Well as its late Thursday, I’m glad you decided to post late Wednesday! I love the colour schemes you’ve chosen for the cards..the nativity is lovely – would you be offended if I suggest you stamp the nativity in a darker ink, maybe a night time blue as if it was a real silhouette. I admire that you use the table….just as I settle to get on, I realise I’ve left something else behind and argh, it’s pointless!!!

  16. Sandi McLean says:

    Your desk makes me want to dive in and dig! Sandi #37

  17. Brigita says:

    Hi Tricia, your desk looks almost as full as mine. But at least you can see some finished creations on yours. Mine is one hot mess. LOL. I am hoping to get to some of it tonight. Brigita #117

  18. Wow loads of cards for sure! you are a busy bee

  19. Twiglet says:

    Just popped back to say… my little dollies haven’t reached the shop yet as I am doing a craft fair on the 24th. BUT – if you see one you like, email me and I will sort it x Jo

  20. Katie (108) says:

    I’m not a good push-back technique user! I’m more of a…stack it on the floor type of person 🙂 The cards are looking good!

  21. Nicky says:

    I am glad you explained you crafted on your dining room table I was looking for space to craft in between all your lovely creations – Thank you for visiting me

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