The promised pictures

I said I would post a couple of pictures today of the scarf and my lovely Grandson. So here for you is Barnaby

Barnaby 14 days old

aged 14 days in his adoring daddy’s arms.  Son didn’t want me to take his photo as he was in his messy clothes!!     There is also the picture of the scarf

Noro sock wool scarf

I made using 80 grms of Noro sock wool which I had left from making the cardigan to be seen here.  I used the pattern which was one of the elements of Barnaby’s shawl here cos it was a very simple pattern and quite effective.  I think it will be a very useful item but am not sure whether to keep it or give it away for Christmas.

These photos never go where I want them the first time around and I always forget its easier to write the text and then insert the photos and not try to insert the photos as I go.  Just had to delete them and start again as they were all over the place.  Technology does make me spit sometimes!!

Well hope you’re all feeling better on this 1st November day.  Have to start thinking of Christmas now I suppose.

Happy Crafting


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4 Responses to The promised pictures

  1. Wipso says:

    What a beautiful baby he is Tricia…..a real heart breaker in years to come me thinks 🙂
    And the scarf is lovely too 🙂
    ps an

  2. Beautiful scarf! And that grandson…. well, he’s not too shabby either. 😉 The words and the pictures like to give me grief too. They flop around wherever they want some days.

  3. Lea Davis says:

    Beautiful Barnaby! You must be thrilled to bits! xxx

  4. joZarty says:

    Your newbie grandson is so beautiful, what a joy! I love your scarf and especially because you used Noro yarn. I use it a lot, love the shading and it washes and wears so well. If you are in England check out Black Sheep Wools near Warrington where it is much cheaper and the postage rates are reasonable. I go to their craft barn as it is such a lovely place.
    Best wishes
    Jo x

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