Shawl finished, Grand-child here

but not in that order.!!

Last week I spent a few days in Yorkshire attending a school centenary celebration as well as spending time with my parents.  The down time was spent studiously finishing the remaining elements of the shawl hoping it would be finished in time for baby’s birth.  Came home in the knowledge that all that was needed was to sew it all together, no problem – a couple of evenings work , three at the most and it could be safely handed over so baby could be brought home from hospital in it.    Didn’t work out that way.  Phone call from YS on way home informed me DIL2B was about to have an emergency caesarean.    By the time I got home Barnaby had been born 27 days early weighing 6lbs 10.5ozs.  Mother and baby doing well, son over the moon.    I have to say I wonder what weight he would have been if he had been full term.  So grandma has spent the last few nights sewing up the shawl and they received it on Sunday.  Here is a picture of it draped on my sofa and a bit of the detail.

Corner detail of Barnabys shawl.

Shawl for Barnaby

I now need to get a couple of little hats knitted to keep his head warm and then I can start on Christmas preparations.  Have a few cards made but need more so the fun will begin soon.

Lovely day here today, hope you are all having some sun and had a good crafting weekend.

Happy day and keep smiling.


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One Response to Shawl finished, Grand-child here

  1. Wipso says:

    Oh wow that shawl is stunning and what wonderful news. Huge congrats to all concerned and welcome to the world to little Barnaby.
    A x

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