Finally finished….

…. the rose jumper I started last year, well to be truthful I finished it about 3 weeks ago for my birthday.    I took a photo and forgot to post so as it is a dismal miserable day – again –  I’m playing in between doing jobs which are boring but necessary!Rose jumper.   This is different to the pattern which is from a pattern book called ‘NOUVEAU’.  The style is called ‘Sabine’.   Admittedly I didn’t do it in the yarn specified but I was assured by my stockist that the yarn I did use was the same.  I bought 10 balls but it became obvious that maybe the yarn wasn’t the same.  It was a Louisa Harding wool called ‘IANTHE’ colour 12.   I’d read somewhere on the web that the pattern knitted up a bit neat, so being a lady of a certain age I decided that the next size up would be best.  I have shortened the sleeves and I think if I was to knit in the future I might just do the back without the ‘v’ as I find the style a bit revealing for my taste.  I love the jumper though and had lots of compliments when I wear it so that is always a bonus.  Very easy to do as the pattern is a simple one and only one repeat.

Well off to do another of the boring Monday jobs.

Enjoy your day and keep smiling as well as crafting.

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3 Responses to Finally finished….

  1. Wipso says:

    What a gorgeous cheery colour Tricia. I’m certain you get lots of compliments when wearing it.
    A x

  2. It is beautiful Tricia!! What a stunning colour and a really lovely design. I hope you are keeping well. I don’t go on the Docraft forum anymore really so have lost track with a lot of what’s going on. xx

  3. twiglet says:

    Just popped over to say thanks for visiting my blog and having a go at guessing the number in my scarf rainbow. Your jumper is really gorgeous – clever you. x Jo

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