Things which make me smile

My blog friend Annie aka Wispo at A Stitch in Time blog always posts a picture or two on a Friday to help the weekend start with a smile.  Her request this week to post to our blogs something which has helped us smile this week felt right for me as a) it has been a while since I blogged and b) in a week which could have been sad – as it should have been our wedding anniversary on Wednesday – I have spent a lovely time with a couple who have helped cheer me up and recharge my batteries.

My friend, Chris is a trustee at True’s yard in Kings Lynn and Wednesday afternoon after I arrived we went there and met some super ladies dubbed the VIPs of True’s Yard.  They had incredible spirit and I enjoyed spending a couple of hours helping to serve them tea and washing up with the lovely volunteers who help run the place.  If you are ever in the area do visit, it is an interesting insight into a community which has almost died out.

Thursday I was taken right out of my comfort zone for a trip in my friends boat for a picnic on an island in the estuary at Burnham Overy StaitheA trip on the water in Norfolk. I don’t swim so a trip in a little boat with an outboard engine is not something I would have normally under taken.  But I’m so glad I did as I had a lovely time.  The weather was glorious and it was good to spend time doing something completely different.  We had a little countryside tour on the way home and then enjoyed time in the garden before dinner.

For the last day we went to the newly refurbished Norfolk Lavender Farm, Norfolk Lavender Farm another place worth seeing if you are in the area especially at this time of the year as the lavender is out.  Great facilities have been provided for the littles and I’m sure they would have great fun exploring the farm and the play facilities at Farmer Fred’s.

So these are a few of the things which have made me smile this week.  So what about you  – have you had any smiley moments?    My theory has always been  – life is too short to be miserable – so wear a smile on your face and brighten someones day.

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One Response to Things which make me smile

  1. Wipso says:

    So lovely to see you blogging Tricia. Really love your pics. How brave of you to go in a boat if you don’t swim. What an achievement. Love the lavender fields….can almost smell it from here 🙂
    A x

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