Smoke gets in your eyes.

It has been a busy few days here in the heart of Suffolk, not least trying to keep dry!!   What a lot of rain we have had but I suppose that was inevitable once they announced a hose pipe ban.

A while ago I saw this great idea here for an earring holder which really captured my imagination.  It was very easy to do and as my earrings generally end up getting thrown on to a little plate in my room I thought this seemed a good idea. Alterd Canvas Earring storage.  All I had to buy was the canvas frame which cost about £2. 69 from Dunelm as everything else I had in my craft space.  I didn’t have Mod Podge but researching on the net made me realise that I have a lot of PVA which watered down a little with a bit of Glimmer mist added would give me something to attach the tissue with.  The lace pieces were all dyed with an Earl Grey teabag except the deeply scalloped one second from the bottom which was already that colour.   It is still waiting the hanging up bits so is still residing downstairs on top of the book-case.   It is filling up though as I keep putting my earrings on here as I finish wearing them.  ( Now I have just previewed this photo but it seems to be on its side in the large version so apologies if this is what happens to you .  Not sure how to rectify that problem.)

Last Saturday I spent an interesting morning in the village hall with the Camera Club playing with photographing insense smoke!!  Smoke from a joss stickI wasn’t sure how this would work but we had an interesting time and if nothing else it makes you more aware of what your camera can do – even a simple basic one like my 5yr old Sony Cybershot.   We didn’t have any thing to colour the smoke so the pictures are slightly boring but they made some interesting patterns and it was fun trying to get the smoke to go up and across the pieces of card we had in different places.

Well I off out to meet a friend for a coffee this afternoon so that should mean we will have a great deluge of rain as so far this morning it has been relatively dry although very windy.    I have some news to tell her but I’m afraid you will have to wait till my next post for that.

Happy Crafting.


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2 Responses to Smoke gets in your eyes.

  1. Wipso says:

    Love the earring holder you’ve made. What a great idea. I will wait patiently to hear your news…that is if you choose to share it 🙂
    A x

  2. Lea Davis says:

    Loving the smoke piccie! I remember photographing glass and it was surprisingly tricky! But fun!! Hope you news is good news. Hugs, Lea x

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