A sad time ….

… for us as a family as my wonderful husband passed away on Feb. 14th.   He bore his illness with great dignity and was thanking everyone for their help right to the end.   We have been overwhelmed as a family with the number of messages of sympathy we have received and the support of all our family and friends has been amazing.  Many people attended his funeral including all our families and he would have been so proud to see everyone.  Our sons have been a great strength to me and I know I will have their support and strength for the years to come.  My life seems rather empty at the moment but I am determined to carry on with the things which were important to us and the things which J had encouraged me to do.  He never once asked me to not go to any of my usual evenings out and in fact always said if I was of a mind to cancel anything that I wasn’t to do that but carry on as normal.    So tomorrow the group I run in the village will run as normal and I will enjoy the company but miss being able to pass on the little tips and info I always pick up on these evenings.

No photos this post but I will finally get those two jumpers finished and share the achievement with you all soon.

x Tricia

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6 Responses to A sad time ….

  1. Twinkle Star says:

    I am so sorry to hear the sad news, please accept my condolences. Thinking of you and your family. Big hugs x

  2. Wipso says:

    So sorry to hear the news Tricia. Sending you and your family much love.
    A x

  3. Lea Davis says:

    So sorry to hear your devastating news. Sending love and prayers your way! God Bless, Lea xxx

  4. Dear Tricia
    I had been dreading hearing this news, and I am so very sorry that you have lost your beloved husband. However, I know that you will have the comfort and strength of our Lord and I want you to know that Ray and I will be remembering you in our prayers. Take care, and it is good to hear that you are carrying on your normal life at this very difficult time. Lots of Love, Lynne and Ray

  5. Garry Wraight says:

    Hi Trish

    I’m so sorry to hear that John has passed away. He was a lovely man and I will miss our chats at evening do’s. I hope you are getting on ok. Everyone sends you their condolences and if you ever want to come in and see us all then please do. Take care of yourself and hopefully I will see you soon x x

  6. Christine says:

    My sympathies go out to you Tricia – I lost my dad on March 7th this year – so know the feeling of emptiness and loss, although being your husband is so much closer. Thinking of you xx

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