Another milestone….

…. reached.  OH celebrated his birthday a few days ago and it was lovely that he did.  We  had some bad news before and after this milestone so it was a little two-edged.   Two of our good friends were made widows within 8 days – one after a long illness and one very suddenly but as you can imagine a little distressing for us both.

Now on a more positive note I have started another jumper with some wool my Mum and Dad sent me for Christmas and I have all but finished sewing up the pink v-neck jumper I had hoped to finish for Christmas.  I hope I will have photos of both to show next time.  (Sorry there are a lot of I’s and hopes in that paragraph. Miss Killip would not have been impressed!!  LOL).   Crafting time is still at a premium and there is not much papercrafting going on at the moment but that is not to say that new stuff hasn’t been popping through the door.  CraftWork cards and the Craft Barn had sales on and I bought a goody bag from  both places, naughty I know but full of nice goodness.  I haven’t taken any photos as yet as my crafting area is in a real higgly piggley state.

Later on I am hoping to get started on my take on the Journal Your Christmas project inspired by Shimelle here.   The idea is that you try to fit in a little crafting everyday and journal your Christmas as it bowls along.  Never got that far but have a wealth of ideas, photos and memorabilia to scrap / journal as soon as I feel able.

Bit short of photos so here is a shot of my Christmas Cactus which has now shed its lovely flowers.

Christmas Cactus

Happy Crafting and hope to have more crafty photos next time I post.

x Tricia

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3 Responses to Another milestone….

  1. Wipso says:

    Sorry to hear of your sad news Tricia. I’m a great believer in living every day as if it’s your last cos one day we all know it will be. I love your cactus…I’ve had a pale pink one that has just finished blooming…sooo pretty and delicate. Thanks for joining in the celebration fun on my blog.
    A x

  2. Lea Davis says:

    Good to hear from you Tricia – sorry its not all good news! Take care, Lea xxx

  3. Lovely to have news and to know OH celebrated his birthday. Sorry for the loss for your friends, but hope God gives them comfort and strength to face the future. I splashed out and bought myself a ‘Big Shot; as I used one as a craft lesson and loved it. Now I am hoping to get into card making on a more ‘hit and miss’ basis than I have done. When I start I really like it, it is just getting started. Unfortuntely my knitting is over for the moment as I have arthritis in my thumbs and cannot do too much when I am in pain. Bummer. However, other things occupy my time, and we thank God for the strength He gives us each and every day to face whatever comes our way from His loving Hands. Take care, and God bless you all, Lynne
    ps. had hoped to do my blog but I am hopeless and trying to decide just what kind of thing to do. My life is really tooo mundane at the moment to give reports, so I am still thinking this through and when I finally decide I will tell you where my blog is.

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