Things to do in a day

I have been a bit busy the last few days what with one thing and another.  I never realised before I became my OH’s main carer how time-consuming things can be doing this job.   Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining as in an odd sort of way its a privilege to be able to look after him at a time when it would be all to easy to walk away.   He never was someone who took kindly to being ill and has found it a difficult situation to be in.  Well to be fair we both have, we have always been quite independent in some ways.   We would usually make our own breakfast and teas during the day as I need to eat when I get up where as he has always liked to have a few coffees and do a few jobs before he stopped for this first meal of the day.  Now in these caring days I have to get his breakfast as well as my own so lots of times I feel I am the back foot all the time as things take twice as long, but on the plus side I get to spend much more time with him which is lovely.   It is now over 9 weeks since he came home from with his devastating verdict and he is better than he was then.  OK so he can’t do as much as he could before he went into hospital but we are still managing to get out and he is still taking an interest in the outside world all of which are positive things.

My papercrafting times are very reduced these days but I have managed to get around to the sleeves on my rose-pink jumper.  I am hoping I can get it finished for the coming season.   This weekend it is our ‘honoury’ Granddaughters 5th birthday and we have been invited to her party.  YS has just said there will probably be about 20 plus people there so I think OH is going to chicken out and let me go on my own.   With a bit of luck we will be able to go to town afterwards and get a few supplies.

5th birthday card for Daisy

Here is the card I have made for the birthday girl.   I have used a Bigz Die through my BigShot and have done it first in card and then in some DP which I think is possibly from a free pad.    The edges are inked with a gold pad and two images are placed back to back.

Inside of card

I have cut the front of the card slightly to  give a bit of interest.   I also used a Kitty shape to ‘stencil’ inside with a Distress ink.  The letter beads are from another freebie which I have had for a while as is the ribbon,

Must go now and start the rest of the morning routine and then maybe this afternoon I can get back to the Christmas card pile!!

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing they are all precious.

x Tricia

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2 Responses to Things to do in a day

  1. Wipso says:

    What a pretty card. It’s so lovely to hear that you are able to enjoy the time you both have together at this time. Value every minute and make the very best of the good times. I’m sending you both big hugs.
    A x

  2. Lea says:

    Lovely to hear from you Tricia, I agree with Wipso – treasure your time together, its so precious. I am a carer too for my disabled hubby and work full time as well. But I wouldnt swap him for the world (even tho he is a grumpy old s*d at times ;-)). Take care of yourself as well – its easy to forget to do that!! Love and hugs, Lea xx

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