Its been a while ….

…. since I blogged but there haven’t been any significant developments with my dear husband and I haven’t done much in the way of crafting.    J is still holding his own and still drinking the broccoli juice.  He doesn’t enjoy it but feels that it is not making him feel worse so it must be doing him some good.  For that reason only he will continue to drink it.   We have settled into a sort of routine now and are coping slightly better than in the beginning.  I still get emotional about things but I can mostly keep a handle on things.  Managing to go out as a couple helps but so does getting out and about on my own.   I have some very good neighbours and friends as well as family so all this is made much more bearable with their help.

Today has been a baking day and I have made 5 lbs of Green Tomato Chutney as well as a Yorkshire Parkin for tomorrow when we are going to have a few fireworks.   The chutney is slightly sweet with a bit of a kick at the end and is a very old recipe I have slightly adapted.    Green tomatoes were given to me by my neighbour and I had a few almost red ones of my own which wouldn’t get eaten any other way.  I think this is why the chutney has turned out a bit sweet but I ‘m looking forward to trying it with a nice pork pie or a good bit of cheese later when it has had a bit of time to mature.    The Parkin had to be made with golden syrup instead of the more traditional black treacle but I will make another one tomorrow when I have picked up the aforesaid ingredient.

Last month I was able to send a load of bedding which was no longer in use to my blog friend Annie who is making dresses for little girls in Africa.   Annie and her sister have started to use some of the things I have sent them but do pop over to their blogs to see the wonderful stuff they make over and above the dresses and the goodies they produce for their grandchildren.

A random photo here today and I’m thinking I could use this as background paper.

I’m not sure where or what this is a picture of but I love the texture of the fronds.  So Pretty.

Happy crafting to you all and enjoy your days they are very precious.

x Tricia

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2 Responses to Its been a while ….

  1. Wipso says:

    Good to hear hubby is still glugging down the broccoli juice 🙂 The sheets, pillow cases and quilt covers are being put to really good use….we have cut out loads of little dresses all ready to sew with them and have already made a good few using your kindly donated fabrics so huge thank yous for your generosity. We really do appreciate your support.
    Biggest hugs for you both,
    Annie x

  2. Twiglet says:

    Thanks for the mention Tricia – I have blogged some more little frocks today and a special rainbow for you both. x Jo

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