Project completed and an experiment.

Koro 4 ply cardigan

At last my cardigan I started Sept 2010 or thereabouts has finally been finished and yes I’m wearing it!  It has long sleeves and in this cooler weather it had to be worn.  It is very comfortable and means the jumper I started in April this year can be picked up to be finished and then I can buy some wool from my ES web shop hereSew and Make have some lovely wool which should knit up quicker into something cosy for the winter.   I can’t wait to have something new to knit.

A fortnight ago my Mum sent us an article about the benefits of broccoli juice which she had found in a magazine.  The gentleman in the article had been diagnosed with lung cancer but had declined chemo as he wanted to walk his daughter down the aisle.  He had been drinking broccoli juice and was hoping to walk his second daughter down the aisle next year.  OH was happy for me to make this for him so one juicer later I have been juicing a small head of broccoli, a carrot and an apple for him each morning.  It isn’t as gross as it sounds and given that it is 6 weeks tomorrow since he came home from hospital I would be inclined to say that at least it isn’t making him worse.  Some of the people who come to the house weekly have said he definitely looks no worse than when they last saw him so maybe there is something in the juice which is helping him fight the cancer.   Time will tell so watch this space.

Tomorrow is a long crop day I have been invited to locally.  I usually go for the whole 10 hours but I think I will have to restrict myself to about 4 or 5 this time.   It will be good to be with like-minded people and to get chance to have a whole day crafting – quite a luxury these days as you can imagine.

Whatever you are doing this week / weekend enjoy every minute of your time.  It is very precious.

x Tricia

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