One day at a time….

… is what I’m getting good at these days.  Hubby had a couple or three days where he didn’t get out of bed but today is up dressed and looking and feeling more like himself.   I know that days are going to vary but it does me good to see him up and dressed.

Tonight is the Craft Group night and ES is going to stop in to ‘Dad sit’ so I can go.   It is the first evening I have been out for a month so it will be good to relax a little.   I’m not sure what I will take as my project this month as I have three half-finished ones in my knitting bag.  I have managed to pick up the knitting a few afternoons recently when OH is dozing and have made a bit of progress on the cable band for the cardi I started knitting last September.    17 stitches and 3 cables over 4 stitches each – tedious and fiddly but should look good.

Not sure if I have any cards to show this week as I haven’t done much except bring down a box of snippets with the idea of starting to make some toppers for my Christmas cards.  Can’t say I got very far with that idea but I will work on it!!!

P & H acceptance card

I don’t think I have blogged the following simple acceptance card which I made for our nephews wedding bash in October.   His invitation was Scrabble based so I found these letters in my stash and used them for the embellishment.   I had to make a letter or two as my letters were incomplete!   The flowers were simple circles cut to a spiral and rolled with a gem or two to complete the magic.   The paper was some from a Craftwork Cards pack and I just used a Distress pad to edge everything.   I sorry I haven’t got two much detail I made it about the time that I had visitors and didn’t write anything down.

Happy Crafting to you all and enjoy each precious day with your loved ones.  You never know when your life may get turned upside down.

x Tricia

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One Response to One day at a time….

  1. Wipso says:

    After the week we have just had I will second your last sentence…..treasure every day.
    Big hugs,
    A x

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