The Learning Curve Continues…

…. a step at a time.

Despite the understanding that the first two steps of chemo therapy were beginning to have an effect on my OH ‘s tumour it would seem that the third cycle was one too far.  Last week he spent 5 days in hospital after suffering with a collapsed lung and a rather severe reaction to the chemo drugs.   The tumour has also grown and the prognosis is now a matter of weeks instead of months.  He is now home and we are coming to terms with this devastation news and learning to live with its implications.

There have been numerous healthcare professionals coming in and out of our home these last few days, what with nurses helping in the mornings, Marie Curie nurses sitting in the evening and relatives who have visited to see for their selves how J is.   It is a big huge learning curve.    Every one is being very , very supportive and helpful.  It is a strange situation for us as we have both been blessed with good health throughout our married life and have absolutely no experience of how we go on.   J is confined to downstairs because of his condition and as we have only upstairs facilities this has caused a lot of heartache for him but he is getting there.   As we both are.

The chemo seems at last to be leaving J’s body and his appetite has picked up a bit.  He is getting very frustrated about being inside now and is wanting to ‘do’ things so it is a matter of slowly, slowly till we find out how much is too much.  Every day is special though and that is the main thing.

I leave you with a picture to make you smile.

Redgrave and Lopham Fen Man

W saw this a week or two ago when we went for a walk at this lovely nature reserve very near us.  I’m sure the littles have great fun crawling around this creative piece of art.

Thanks for your continues support and thoughts and even though I may not be commenting much I am still managing to get to visit a lot of my favourite blogs so am managing to keep up with the latest developments of you all

x Tricia

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One Response to The Learning Curve Continues…

  1. Wipso says:

    Bless you both. What a difficult time. I’m sending you lots of positive vibes to give you the strength to cope. Don’t worry about blogging….just know we are all here for you when you need a friend.
    Big virtual hugs,
    A x
    ps email is wipso@toucansurf if you need to share. x

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