A difficult year….

…. and unfortunately it is not getting any better.   Our cat lost a leg in January , my MIL died in April and now my hubby of 42 years (tomorrow) has been diagnosed with having Lung Cancer.    We are off tomorrow to get the prognosis and to hear what can be done.

As you can imagine I have found it difficult to concentrate over the last few weeks.  Hubby went to the doctor on 28th May and things have moved pretty swiftly.  He only went cos I had been nagging him, even now he doesn’t feel ill and has no pain so he too is finding it all very difficult to understand and come to terms with.  He has been helping ES take down an old plum tree and move a mountain of bricks today.   We are lucky to have a very supportive family and wonderfully supportive friends so I know that we will cope with all the things which lie ahead.   I also have a faith which I know will hold me in good stead over the coming months, although the tears are very close to the surface some days.

I took time out yesterday to go to a local fete where ES and I had booked a table to sell a bit of bric-a-brac and some of my cards etc.   There wasn’t much ‘etc’ what with all the doings recently but I was pleased to sell a few cards and a couple of stamped candles I had made.  I had bought some cheap candles and although I had never tried this before I thought I would have a go.   I found a good tutorial here and was pleased with the result.   They are very simple to do and although my efforts could be better, they were passable.  I didn’t photograph them so you will have to wait for the next batch.

My little boxes filled with Ferraro Rocha chocolates didn’t go but I will leave you with an image of what people missed.

one sheet of paper boxes

They were made using the SEI pad I bought earlier in the year and a few little embellishments from my stash.   The sentiments were all hand written I think on to a punched  out tag, except for the flower and butterfly one where I used a new die and layered it up.   Between you and me the first attempt at cutting the die produced a rather ‘short’ flower so I tried again and just did a bit of layering.

Hope you have a great crafting week and keep smiling – it’s what I’m trying to do.

x Tricia

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5 Responses to A difficult year….

  1. Lea Davis says:


    Sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time. I will keep you all in my prayers, Lea x

  2. Wipso says:

    Really hope treatment can bring better news soon.
    A x

  3. Amanda Patterson says:

    Massive hugs to you Tricia and your hubby too. You must be so worried 😦
    Let’s hope that you get some good news on your anniversary
    I will be keeping you in my prayers

  4. Jules says:

    Oh dear Tricia. I am so sorry. I was hoping that things were picking up for you.

    Thank goodness you nagged your hubby into going to the doctor so that treatment can begin quickly.

    Sending you love and cyber hugs.
    Jules xx

  5. Twiglet says:

    Just to send you both best wishes and hope all goes well with treatment etc. x Jo

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