Another week, another WOYWW – these weeks come around too fast!!   Don’t know what I’m talking about then join Julie and the rest of the gang at Stamping Ground and get the chance to view some amazing art, some productive crafting spaces and meet some lovely people.

WOYWW 107 - june 2011

My desk is looking a bit frantic as I have a card class this afternoon and the pile to the left is all the stuff I am using to make the card samples , one of which is the stepper card and the other is the simple card with the frame in the forefront.  As you can see I am well organised – not!!   (Have just noticed I haven’t yet put away the cat stickers from the snippet cards I made last week.).   The class is to concentrate on making flowers which is why there is only two cards.   The stepper is a bit fiddly and flowers can be too so we may only get the one card done.

Right this is for today, got to finish the card class preparations.

Happy crafting

x Tricia

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7 Responses to WOYWW 107

  1. butlersabroad says:

    Nothing like leaving it to the last minute lol! Hope the class goes ok, I just printed stepper instructions last week, really want to give that a go.

    Brenda 81

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Tricia, there are definitely benefits to taking a photo of our desk once a week – things are noticed that might not be otherwise, like the cat stickers 🙂 Have a great week. Elizabeth x #74

  3. Andria says:

    Hope your class has gone well! Thanks for sharing your preparations, and happy WOYWW!

  4. Okienurse says:

    Hope the card class went well. A procrastinator till the end! I am too. My last class no one signed up until the day of the tag class as a joke on me that I do that a lot. I got a call about 3 hours before the class telling me to bring my dies and equipment cause I had a couple sign up and I could do it at the class…Was I surprised. I am ready for the next one and it isn’t until the 14 July.! I am going to show those girls! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #107

  5. neet says:

    Fingers crossed for the class – nothing like the adrenalin flowing to make you work is there? Hope it went well. Hugs, Neet x

  6. I am amazed how many of the bloggers are teaching classes. I admire your courage and organisation. I would be panicking for weeks if I had to do a class. I cannot imagine being good enough to teach others. Hope your latest class went well.

  7. ukmaryanne says:

    Now I’ll have to Google “stepper” card 🙂 Not a cardmaker, really, so I have NO idea. But I hope to get to see the final card.

    Hope the class went well!

    Mary Anne

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