A Chelsea tale

Yes we have been doing the rounds these past few days and after our jaunt to Sheringham on Wednesday, we spent Thursday at the Chelsea flower Show and then we went to Yorkshire on Friday to spend the Bank Holiday with my parents.  So back home Monday and today was spent on various appointments.   A bit more of the same tomorrow means it might be Thursday before I get around to finishing the washing !!

Chelsea was a wonderful experience although we had some very thundery showers.   Despite those we managed to see all we wanted to see and more, and really enjoyed ourselves.   I took a huge amount of photos and will eventually make a page or two for my album.   I won’t bore you with them but here are just a couple of things which caught our eye.

Chelsea - Bronze 'Tree' water feature

Unfortunately we don’t have a garden big enough for any of these things  nor the money.   The second picture is much more likely to be something we could maybe do in our garden.   Heucheras especially seem to thrive in our drought  prone area of the country and don’t seem to mind the windy aspect we have in some areas of the beds either.

Chelsea - a planting plan we could achieve

The last picture just says it all with regards the rain – umbrella sellers and the free waterproof give-aways abounded by the end of the day.   We had fortunately took our own large umbrella – a masterly thought by my OH.

Chelsea - the water feature !

This is all for tonight but I will be back tomorrow for the 2nd Anniversary of WOYWW hosted by the lovely Julie.

See you there.

x Tricia

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