WOYWW and Rhododendons

Quick post – my desk

WOYWW - 25th May

this morning, where I haven’t sat all day as we went to Sheringham to see the rhododendrons.

Sheringham Park - 25th May 2011

They were probably at their best two weeks ago this year but never the less well worth the journey and the walk we eventually did.   Yes OH said we will just go and see the flowers and then find a nice little pub to have lunch but  – we had to go right up to the Gazebo and climb the many, many steps to see the beautiful views along the coast and around.

View from the Gazebo at Sheringham Park "5th May 2011

Join Julie to see other wonderful workspaces , comment if you can or just pick a few.

Don’t know how many if any I will be able to visit today and this weekend as we have a lot planned.

Enjoy what you do and happy crafting

x Tricia

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8 Responses to WOYWW and Rhododendons

  1. Julia Dunnit says:

    Your desk looks great – specially lovely with the sunshine creeping in! I do like the yellow floral card you have on the go – the repeats of the image are so pretty – is it a stencil or a stamp?
    Your number changed on the linky thing last week because I have to delete links that are wrong or spam or blahdy blah…so then the list automatically re-numbers. Won’t matter for next week because we’ll be going by name!!

  2. Wipso says:

    Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing.
    A x

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Tricia, always enjoy my visit to your desk – just seeing the hint of sunshine cheers me up. The yellow card your working on is looking lovely – is that a stamp or a mask you used – nice colours too. Gorgeous view from the gazebo – worth the trek up the stairs perhaps 🙂 Thanks for the comment you left me – my brayering leaves much room for improvement but I found the bleaching easier and so satisfying. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #53

  4. Jules says:

    Hi Tricia

    I am pleased you managed a bit of “escape time” – even though the weather wasn’t as perfect as you might have liked. You still got some brilliant photographs.

    Your workspace has some scrummy goodies on it to play with.

    Hope you have a good Bank Holiday weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  5. Okienurse says:

    great looking desk this week. Very pretty cards! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Vickie #46

  6. nicks says:

    Sheringham Park is just up the road from us – it has been the best year for ages apparently

  7. JoZarty says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day out to see the “rodies”. Your desk looks a lovely creative space so thanks for sharing,
    JoZarty x

  8. Twiglet says:

    Blogger wouldn’t let me play on WOYWW so I am catching up now! Lovely view from the gazebo!

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