A dull day for WOYWW

Quick post today ( I hope – I hear you say).    It is dull and dreary outside but I have washing to put out and a foray to the post office to make.  As this entails a 3 mile walk I need to get myself motivated and get dressed for the effort.  There is also next doors cat to feed before I go.

WOYWW for 18th May 2011

My desk is full of paper snippets from yesterday and the previous week which I have just piled up rather than putting away – slap fingers to me.   They will get sorted today and hopefully a card or two made with them .   I had to move a couple of things out of shot as I don’t want them seen yet but otherwise this is how I left my desk yesterday before going out to my scrapbook class yesterday evening.     WordPress is playing up today so I will have to delete this picture again and try to put it where I want it to go after I have finished writing .   (It worked this time – maybe that is the way to go , inserting the photos after I have written the text)

Hope you all have a good mosey around the desks of the day/week and I will try to visit where I can.

Happy Crafting

x Tricia

Seem to have had a senior moment as now I’m number 53 on WOYWW not the 55 I was this morning.  So if you have been looking for me as 55 you will understand what went on probably better than I do.!!LOL

x Tricia

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31 Responses to A dull day for WOYWW

  1. Wipso says:

    I think blogger has a mind of it’s own at times with putting pics in the posts. Sometimes it works first time and other times it just flatly refuses to let me.
    A x

  2. Kathleen says:

    Your desk looks so busy and creative, hope you enjoy your three mile walk
    Kathleen x

  3. Sometimes there is no control for the computer world. Happy WOYWW and scraps!!! I organized mine 2 wks ago, by color and put in folders and WALLA I can find what I need quickly and have used lots since. Trying to keep that under control.
    Sorry to hear your weather is dreary…we had that soooooooo long and now it has turned to be SPRING Beauty..sunshine, warm, no wind and makes all the difference in ATTITUDE. Have fun.

  4. Neet says:

    So you feed next door’s cats too – am beginning to think one of the ones next to us has decided to move in!
    Thanks for sharing your busy desk. ~10

  5. Minnie Mac says:

    Plenty of cutting and snipping going on there. Look forward to seeing the finished pieces.


  6. NatashaMay says:

    This is one busy desk. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW!

  7. Oh your desk is WAAAAY more interesting than mine! I can see pretty poppies and everything!

    Thanks for visiting.

    Hugs, Sandra

  8. Teresa says:

    Wow – what an interesting busy desk. I’ll have to try putting the picture after the text too. Teresa x Thanks for visiting my desk earlier.

  9. sandra de marchi says:

    thanks for saying hi. A 3 mile walk sounds like bliss if it is a sunny day. I am sure the cat is thrilled you are coming over to feed him/her. Our cat moved next door while we were away, I suppose she was being kind and decided to save them the walk to feed her!!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Tricia, well, it’s raining here so I hope, as you’ve put your washing out, that it’s still fair where you are. A 3 mile walk to the PO – I shudder just thinking about it – our nearest is just a short stroll away. Snippets, inevitable after card-making but it can be a thought as to what to do with them afterwards – if I was disciplined, which I’m not, I’d do what you are planning to do and make something with them. Thanks for your comment today. I, too, remember the days when babies were put in their prams, in the garden, to get some fresh air! Those, indeed, were the days. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #62

  11. That desk is looking very creative – all those snippets of paper. I only know how to use word press – and that can also be temperamental so I’m afraid i’llbe no help!
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (51)

  12. A three mile walk … I am worn out just typing the words! I never get around to using my snippets … I really should try harder! 53 or 55 … I found you regardless and I have no idea what number I am :0)

  13. Your desk is an awesome vision of creative wonderment. So jealous of your three mile walk..good for you. No outdoor activities here until the rain moves out. 😦

  14. Nice busy desk there – hope you enjoyed your walk to the post office – I had to walk to school and back and then into town and back to get the lego free with the newspaper so I know how you feel! Have a great day. Sunshine Girl no. 40

  15. sue says:

    Hi ya
    luv the poppy images at the back there, not nice here today hope ya didnt get wet on ya walk, thanks for the snoop, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  16. helen says:

    Good to see someone else with loads of snippets around today, lol!

  17. ukmaryanne says:

    LOL! I skipped doing the laundry on Sunday when the sun was shining and now the last few days have been dreary and dull. I hate using the dryer in the spring. Seems such a waste of resources 🙂 Have a happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne

  18. Julia Dunnit says:

    Nice colours of snips and scraps Tricia, so some clues as to what you’ve been doing! A 3 mile walk to the PO will set you up nicely for settling down to a nap or some crafting – I know which I’d need!! Lovely poppy images ready to go there, are you in mass production or did you just love colouring the images?

  19. No finger slaps! You are being thrifty! If I did not have a crafty kindergartener, I do not know what I would do with them! Thanks for sharing your space! -#104 Amanda (scrappnbee)

  20. Andria says:

    Scrapbook class sounds fun! As do all those strips of paper on your desk. Hope you enjoyed a crafty WOYWW!

  21. Sam says:

    I love to see a desk that looks busy and not tidy and someone else who keeps their scraps!! I have a few boxes of them ready for reusing!! One day!! I have quite a few peeps in work who want to buy my eggs when they happen!! I have a few weeks to go yet as they are only about 11 weeks old, but sooo much fun to watch!! Thanks for visiting me!!

  22. Mrs A. says:

    Had to go to the drs to pick up a prescription today only to find it shut for lunch so had to walk around the village for half an hour so I think I did my 3mile stint.lol. My number jumped up by one today too. I think blogger does it to keep us on our toes!!
    Hugs Mrs A. #65

  23. Yep, I had a big pile of scraps like that yesterday…forced myself to do some filing tho! A rare thing around here LOL!

  24. caroline says:

    all that cutting means you got to play with something! Hoping this is the last week of house painting for me, lol! Then i get to play too….
    thanks for popping by earlier

  25. Charlene says:

    Your desk looks like mine did BEFORE I cleaned up…you’re much braver than I to post it.

  26. butlersabroad says:

    Hope the rain stayed off yesterday and you got your chores done. I used to walk everywhere when I lived in England, it’s just what you do isn’t it? Over here it’s all about the car! I have a box full of snippets that I always say I’ll use but rarely do…. but I keep them anyway, just in case!!

  27. fairyrocks says:

    Not dull at all, they are just waiting your creative genius!!
    Keep smiling and creating

  28. Di says:

    OOOer, what a load of snippets – plus you have WAY too many stamps for one person :)) Di x

  29. Di says:

    Wrong – I can’t think how the stamps bit crept in!! Di x

  30. Dragon says:

    What a great desk… looks really inviting… as for making tags, why not have another go and join in with TIO on my challenge blog… I bet you would really enjoy it

  31. Lisa M says:

    A 3 mile walk, goodness, no wonder you need to motivate yourself. It’s been a funny day here, gorgeous sunshine one minute and pouring with rain the next, can’t make it’s mind up.
    Your desk looks very industrious. Thanks for sharing.
    hugs Lisa #94

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