Second post and WOYWW

Where has the week gone ? – although thinking about it where have the last two months gone.  I can’t believe we are in March already.

My desk for WOYWW looks pretty much the

WOYWW 2nd March 2011


same as it did last week, so today I thought I would show a little bit more of my craft room.   This is the unit where my Big shot sits to the left of the desk.  I can reach everything from my chair so it’s all quite tight in there.    Next to the Big Shot is the box of dies and Nestabilities and then there is the  scrap box.   This is sort of sorted into colours but there are bits of scrap in other places too so it is a bit of a jumble.   This top also has my file of clear stamps and my box of made cards on but you can’t see them.   The top open drawer hold ‘bling’ and other bits and bobs including a few ColourBox ink stacks.

I received the complete Lacy snake bookmarks back today and am hoping that the other ladies who snakes I have don’t mind me putting them on here.

Craft Group Lace work shop items.


Mine is the one on the right as you look at the picture.   It has been done in half-stitch .   The others were done in whole stitch.    I am very proud of it even though I only probably completed the middle third.

I have had a few questions over the last week or so so I am going to take this opportunity to answer them.  1) Our little cat – Cassie – is coping quite well with her three legs and is venturing outside in the nice weather.   Thank you for your concerns.   2) We live near Bury-St-Edmunds in Suffolk and yes there is often a lot going on if you search things out and keep an eye on the local press.    3) No , there is no chance I’m going to take up lace – although I did find it very relaxing.   There is definitely no room in my life for another craft.

Now join in Julies snoop of the desks and enjoy your day.

x Tricia

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18 Responses to Second post and WOYWW

  1. Wipso says:

    Would love a rummage through all your boxes 🙂
    Don’t forget to pop over to our shop and put your name down in the next gift draw.
    A x

  2. patsy says:

    What interesting lace bookmarks! But I have to say that I wouldn”t have thought of making snakes as the lace is so dainty and pretty! Patsy from HeARTworks

  3. Esther says:

    Hi – Thanks for stopping by my blog – It’ll be a while before I can retire and judging by the way my day off today has passed me by I can imagine how time flies ! I just find time to craft by not doing the housework! It’s funny to come across a nearby WOYWW, I work in Bury and live not far outside it…Happy WOYWW Esther xx

  4. Charlene says:

    Would never have guessed those snakes were lace. Have never seen them before either. Very clever! That stack of boxes look like a treasure hunt of fun!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Tricia. thanks for giving us a guided tour of another part of your craftroom, it’s always interesting to see how others organise their space. If you hadn’t told me I would never have guessed those snakes were made of lace – very ingenious 🙂 Elizabeth x #73

  6. Di says:

    Gorgeous bookmarks 🙂 I just wish I could get over my snake phobia as they are just perfect – very clever! Di x

  7. twiglet says:

    Great little lacy snakes!! Thanks for your comments in the shop giveaway. Good luck!

  8. fairyrocks says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    love your cards !!
    Keep smiling and creating

  9. Dragon says:

    Hi.. great desk/workspace and those snakes are ery interesting!!

  10. Marjo says:

    Thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a great WOYWW.

    Hugs, Marjo #5

  11. Ciara says:

    Your lacy snake is brill but I imagine required a huge amount of patience!

    I like the term upcycling much better than recycling (which mostly does make me think of the rubbish dump!)

  12. Okienurse says:

    Great work space. Love the lacey snakes. I wouldn’t have the patience to do lace work. Thanks for sharing Vickie #49

  13. Shaz says:

    Those lacy snakes are gorgeous- so much work! Shaz #125

  14. Kirsty A says:

    Love those lace snakes. Have joined as a follower

  15. Julia Dunnit says:

    OMGee the lace is marvellous – how modern it looks in the metallic threads!

  16. Mrs A. says:

    Your snakes are amazing. Must have taken a great deal of patience and time but the result was very worthwhile. Hugs Mrs A. #76

  17. Tertia says:

    Those snakes are fantastic! Wish I could do that,
    Happy belated WOYWW

  18. Beautiful bookmarks. Who’d have thought a snake could be so cute and useful!
    Susan xxox #14 (and late!)

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