Lace and WOYWW 90

I knew I should have put the washing out yesterday as it is tipping it down with rain today – ah well , it will have to dry on the clothes horse again.!

Yesterday was Craft Group and we had three wonderful ladies join us to show us the intricacies of making lace.  Jan, Carol and Michelle helped 9 of us to make a snake bookmark with very simple full or half stitches in Tourchon lace.  They had started them for us so we didn’t have to do the head and eyes but were able to complete the body.   Some ladies managed it but those who didn’t could either have it tied off or the ladies would take it home and finish it for us.   Silly me didn’t take any photos, so I will try to take a few when the finished articles get back to me.   Brilliant evening though.

WOYWW is here again and what a tip my desk is,


no excuse really .   I have been a making cards for a couple of swaps over on Docrafts but my camera stayed firmly in my bag.   Not sure what I was thinking of as I always take photos but ce la vie.


I have also been stamping images for various reasons hence the pile of stamps on my desk.   I did alter my scrap card from Sunday though, amongst other things.  Maybe today I should use the horrid weather to have an extra hours tidying in there as I have three thank you cards to make as well this week.!

Apologies to all who visited my desk a week or so ago , I have been restricted to trying to get on the computer when my OH is not here as he moans if I spend too much time blog hopping.   I will try to get around a few more this week.   I can’t manage everyone and when I first started I made a point of visiting every 5th one so I will try going back to that at least I feel as if I have achieve something then.

So go and have a nosey – its good for the soul.   There are some very talented people out there.



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16 Responses to Lace and WOYWW 90

  1. sue says:

    Hi ya
    lovely creative desk, been wet here for days so all washin indoors! yuk!have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(18)

  2. Kathy says:

    great pic – I’ve had a lovely “zoomed right in” look around! hehe

  3. butlersabroad says:

    Your lace making adventures sounded interesting, did you get your piece finished? Busy desk too and glad I’m not the only one with Christmas stuff on my desk!

    Brenda 103

  4. Lynne says:

    Hi Trisha
    Thanks for the comments on my blogs. Will try to be more faithful. Last week we had rain so I actually got some cards done AND I had a good clean out and put everything in order, so technically I now know where to find stuff especially my toppers!!!!!
    Sunny weather is bank so I am not sure I will get much more done for the present but I now have a good stock of cards for when I need them.
    Take care

  5. Karen says:

    What a crafty and creative desk you have! Lots of fabulous stash and tools at hand! I love your metal frame too!
    Thanks for visiting me today! Happy WOYWW!
    xoxo Karen

  6. Wipso says:

    I used to make a lot of lace when my daughters were babies [God knows how I found the time!] Happy memories.
    If you haven’t been yet please pop over to our blog shop, leave us a comment and be in with the chance to win a crafter’s apron.

    Good luck.
    A x

  7. Dotty a says:

    Boy you have been busy….. and you desk shows it. love your blog I’ll be lookin around more later today..

  8. will be anxious to see you lace making. my grandmother use to make lace, but i’ve never tried it. kinda teedious isn’t it?

  9. Glenda says:

    Goodness you have been busy…look at all those goodies you have out and ready to play! Thanks for sharing your space.

  10. Shirley says:

    I always admire lacemakers for the skill seems so intricate…it’s good to have a blog-hopping plan because aiming for everyone is so daunting to the weaker souls! …Shirl #106

  11. Vicky says:

    wow to making your own lace, i adore lace on my creations, thank you fo rsharing your desk x

  12. I too have developed a system for trying to get round everyone over a couple of weeks or so, otherwise it seems to take me a week to get round everyone. I always try to get back to anyone who is kind enough to visit me. I do admire you for having a go at lace making – what a beautiful craft. Good luck with it.

  13. Lisa M says:

    The sun was shining today so I got my washing dried outside, hurrah!!
    Your lace creation sounds intriguing, you must share it when you can and there looks to be a lot happening on your desk.
    Thanks for visiting, It’s a marathon to try and even get round a few desks, there are so many, isn’t it so I do appreciate you stoppping by.
    Hugs Lisa (124)

  14. laura says:

    your desk looks very busy and creative. sorry I am late coming round x x x

  15. Nicky says:

    Oh that brings back memories I used to do lace had just as much fun collecting bobbins as doing the lace ~ thanks for sharing ~ Nicky no.4 ~ running late this week lol

  16. Okienurse says:

    Very busy desk. Love all the creative goodies. Thanks for sharing. Sorry I am so late getting by this week but life happens. Vickie #148

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