Felting, walking and WOYWW

Have you done felting?  If you have you will know how magic it is getting that pile of flumped up wool to that thick flat mat and if you haven’t then do have a try.   This was our speaker/ hands on demo at WI this month.   I loved it and would love to have another go but will have to source some materials first.

WI - felting demo and results Feb 2011

This was our members play results.   The flat blue piece is our speakers piece.   My little ball is here but it is difficult to see which one it is other than the fact it is one of the medium-sized pink ones!

Another walk today with the WI so hopefully I may have lost a bit of weight this week as I have managed at least 8 miles of walking so far!    There is just a small group of us who are doing a regular monthly walk around the area and although the numbers vary we usually have a good natter and find somewhere pleasant to have a lunch before coming home.   Sometimes we are joined for lunch by a non walker or two so that is an added bonus.

My desk this week for WOYWW is full of stuff.

WOYWW for 9th Feb 2011


There is a finished card ready to go to a friend to cheer her up, a pile of Christmas cards my son has ‘dumped’ there obviously for me to recycle or save as appropriate.   A pink flower on a nestie label cut out which is a work in progress and an acrylic block with various stamps on which need cleaning.   I seem to have spread my tools and elements around as I was creating on Tuesday and now need a good tidy up before I get overwhelmed.   (I’m not sure what the scrabble ‘z’ is doing – I think it has been picked up with something else as I haven’t worked with those scrabble letters for a long time!) .

Join Julie over at Stamping Ground to find out all about WOYWW and have a good snoop around some wonderful desks around the world.

Happy crafting.

x Tricia

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7 Responses to Felting, walking and WOYWW

  1. great to see your desk and I would love to see a demo of making felt something i have never tried – sounds like you had a good walk

  2. Glenda says:

    Looks like a lot of activity here. Great space and thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Nicky says:

    Until doing Woyww I had not heard of felting but I seem to learning more each week – love you desk and pretty colours you are working with ~ Nicky no. 9

  4. Starla says:

    I have never tried felting….will have to google and see what it is about! Star 102

  5. Okienurse says:

    WOW you have a very busy desk! I had never heard of felting until my daughter made a purse and ‘felted’ it. I am curious what you do with the flat pieces and the balls? I am learning. I think that is why I do WOYWW each week cause I do learn a lot!

  6. Julia Dunnit says:

    Pretty – that stitched petal image is more effective than I thought when I considered the stamps! Love your teeny embossin powder pot with a bit of water in. Felting – I haven’t tried it – am terrified of getting into anything else, my time management is so rubbish!

  7. Kathy says:

    The felt looks fab and so does your wonderfully creative desk

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