My take on the paper lunch sack gift pocket!

Well I popped into my favourite shop in town today and asked my friend Kay if she had seen my take on the paper lunch sack pocket which we had a class on last week.   No , Kay said , I must have missed that.   Sorry Kay , you are not going mad I am!!

Paper lunch sack - 2


I had taken this photo a day or two ago but hadn’t actually used it for a post.   Christmas is getting to me now – well that and the snow.    I have only made one tag to go with this and used some Craftwork card papers and holly cut outs with some very glitzy starry card for the back of the packet.   I found the Irish Cream coffee sachets in the supermarket and as the recipient likes Earl Grey tea , I thought it would be nice to add a couple of Lady Grey tea bags as a change.  I have wrapped it nicely in christmas paper and hope that she will like it.   This is actually the second one I have made but the other one has gone to someone who may read my blog.   I have about 5 more to make but they are very quick and easy and I am loving using the sewing machine to finish them off.

I promised to show my stall at the fair.  the scarves are all on the right as you look at the picture.   Well that is the little ones , the longer ones are in the blue bowl on the left.   the flannel cupcakes didn’t go so I think they will be recycled into something for next year.   They have a flower on the top which is bath confetti so they will probably have disintegrated by next Christmas.!

Well I am off now to finish sewing a scarf for my Mum from one of the pieces of material I got in Glasgow in the summer.

Happy Crafting

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One Response to My take on the paper lunch sack gift pocket!

  1. kay says:

    l’m so pleased that i’m not the only one that that does daft things! he he. The lunch sacks look great, well done you. I love the snow on your pictures. you are just tooo clever. x

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