A desk and a stall

Well after the weekend I have finally come down to earth and realised that Christmas is only two weeks away and there is still lots to do.    Despite that as OH has taken himself off for a walk to the shop I thought I would join in WOYWW again as I haven’t done it for a while.

My desk for WOYWW - 8th Dec '10

After the chaos that was my desk during the Craft Fair preparations I had to have a mega tidy as I just couldn’t move anything with out there being a bit of an avalanche.   All there is on my desk today is the 3rd of these little paper lunch sack pockets which I have decided to make as little ‘Thank You’ gifts for a few people.    One has gone with some crafty goodies and one has been given to a friend with a couple of tea and coffee sachets in.   The others  – I have 6 more to do inc the one on the desk  – will probably have similar things in .   They are so satisfying to do – thank you Suezie for teaching us this the other week.   I think I will be making a few of these in the next few months or so.

Shortish post for today as I know we are supposed to keep WOYWW post brief.   Pop over to Julia’s blog to see what WOYWW is all about and to visit some amazingly talented people.

Happy Crafting and keep safe .

(Will post the stall photo later if you are wondering about the title)

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13 Responses to A desk and a stall

  1. Looks like you have been getting crafty. That paper sack looks interesting!

    Happy WOYWW – Sheena #80

  2. Twiglet says:

    Busy desk – enjoy your week!

  3. Spyder says:

    agh! This is where cheaters like me come unstuck… as I have to paste and copy my addy…and then remember the re paste and copy my woyww bit! shhh! don’t tell! Your desk is always tidy!! I need a bigger room, then I could put it all away… until next time!
    Have a Happy WOYWW!

  4. donna says:

    arrgggh wordpress it’s like the spanish inquisition just to leave a comment!

    last time I got the boxes mixed up so now any one who wants to can see my email – which really has annoyed me…

    I am sooo stupid – so stupid I keep a sheep on my desk -do you want to swap my sheep for your lovely craft work?


  5. Wow how neat and organised.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sarah – Stressed Stamper#17

  6. Neet says:

    Nice shot of your desk – cannot believe we are so close to Christmas and I am so far behilnd. Good thing is, as I wander around the desks today I find I am not on my own. Did someone take a few weeks out this year? #21

  7. *Chrissie* says:

    Looks busy and organised!
    Thanks for the snoop!
    Chrissie #7

  8. Marjo says:

    Looks like a fun project! Thanks for the peek..
    Marjo #45

  9. Maggie says:

    Great space! Thank you for sharing.

    Pop over to my blog for my brand new blog candy!:)


  10. mariegoodwyn says:

    You are very organised – I’m glad to see a wordpress type here – there aren’t so many of us about!! *waves!*

  11. AmberInk says:

    From just a little paper lunch sack? How pretty! Thanks for sharing your creativity! What a thoughtful gift bag.

  12. Bernie says:

    Like those little paper sacks – what a great idea. So nice to be able to tailor it to the recipients.

    Bernie #81

  13. julia dunnit says:

    Oh you’re organised..spoon, empty container, no residue powders or glitter in it, perfectly clear non stick mat…love it. Will be back for a borrow of that paper bag link shortly!

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