Craft Fair success

Well the fair has been and gone and yes it went well.   There were about 11 stalls altogether including mine and a fair few punters.   My scarves were a real hit and I sold far more than I had hoped.   Reindeer food went down a storm as did my Santa, Snowmen, Reindeer and Tree covered chocolate bars.     The money bags also went well.

Money bags


This is not a very good picture of the 16 or so that I made as for some bizarre reason I picked out the white one to take a photo off.   I made a template and just cut around it in various card attached my chocolate money – a big bag of Tescos variety divided up into 8 – and then added a ribbon and a few Paperchase stickers.   They were really very simple but people seemed to like them.     I only managed to sell half of the Snowman soup which was a bit disappointing but the family will get the rest in theirs stockings.

I hadn’t intended taking my cards to sell but my YS had persuaded me that I ought and although I didn’t have the general box of cards on the table someone asked for ordinary birthday cards and I actually sold 5 to her so that was a result.   I normally only sell cards to WI so it was good to sell some others  to  non WI people.

Tomorrow I have a couple or three paper lunch sack gift pockets to make as ‘Thank You’ gifts for a few people so I should have something to show.   I have already made one and am well pleased with it.   I haven’t shown it in case the recipient reads my blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Take care in this cold and icy weather.

Happy Crafting.

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One Response to Craft Fair success

  1. Wipso says:

    Well done you on the craft fair success.
    A x

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