It ‘s not getting any warmer….

…. is it?   For the first time ever last night we actually had both parts of our summer/winter duvet on the bed and even ES who is normally hot asked for an extra blanket.   Goodness knows what it must be like in Scotland and Yorkshire.   I made quick calls today to our parents who live in these frozen parts to make sure they were OK and thankfully they are alright and managing to keep warm.

Our ‘honorary ‘ grand daughter and her Mum came over today to pick up the Advent Calendar.   I know its 3 days late but the weather and the roads are a bit awful round their way and they have the Landy and we haven’t.

Advent Calender - 1


I made this calendar for her last year .   A  piece of card was stuck onto mountboard and then onto a larger sheet of plywood which was spray painted red by my OH.   Numbers were cut from another sheet and mounted on thin chipboard.   A piece of paper and an embellishment was put on the back so that when you turned the numbers over there was something to see.    The non numbered pieces had a picture on and I have found embellishments to match to give a 3D effect.    At the bottom there are hooks and little bags have wrapped gifts which are all numbered appropriately.   I think my son and his partner enjoy this as much as our ‘honorary’ grand-daughter does, as they don’t know what is in there at all.  advent calendar - 2 I had left the calendar in the bag when they came over and Mum said ‘Can you remember what that is ?’.   There was a short pause and the answer came back – ‘I think that should be mine’.   We let her open the three days which she had missed and as I said Mum is as excited as the little one.    When my own children were little I used to do Advent calendars with little gifts but I have never made one quite as elaborate.   I love to faff with these sort of bits and pieces probably cos my Mum does.   Even now she still likes Christmas and enjoys finding something quirky for the tree presents we all have.

This is all for tonight.   Stay safe and warm and the cold will hopefully be gone soon.

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2 Responses to It ‘s not getting any warmer….

  1. kay says:

    Hi Trisha, hope your craft air went well today as l know how hard you have worked so hard for it.
    Your name is already down for Julie Hickey and we are keeping everything crossed!
    take care
    kay x

  2. kay says:

    P s loved your advent calender.

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