Three memory pages

Well I had a wonderful day yesterday at the long crop.   Lots of eating – away from the work area of course, lots of nattering and also a fair few pages getting done.   I managed 11 which is quite a few for me as I am a slow worker.   One lady managed 3 albums which I think was 113 pages.  She was very organised and also confessed to having no children, definitely an asset I should say.

Wedding of CD & RF

Friends of mine got married in June and this is just a part of the page I made of their wedding reception.  I always like to take a photo of the back of the dress if I can as often this is really detailed.  Not a brilliant photo but it will remind me later when I get older.     The next couple of photos are part of my memory album of our recent family wedding and the trip we made to Glasgow for that.

Impressions of Glasgow.

I take lots of odd images I suppose but things intrigue me.   ES and OH both enjoy doctor Who so hence the Police Box.   You don’t see that many of them these days.  The beautiful Peacock ironwork was on the top of a building but I didn’t note which one.   This is just another of my idiosyncrasies.   I am always looking above head height when I am in strange places as I love the odd things you see.    The fireman was just there but we didn’t investigate why.

J and L after their wedding.

I am quite pleased with how this worked out in the end.   Before I put the flowers on I thought I had overdone the yellow a little but the flowers all made it come together quite well.   I am a bit unsure about showing all the details of these photos which is why I have only shown part of the two pages.   So I hope you won’t mind that.

I have still got quite a lot of work to do on the wedding pages but I will get their in the end.   I try to keep fairly well up to date with the current memory album but I am way behind with the old stuff.    I would need a lot more hours in the day if I am going to get all the photos I have catalogued.

Well bed calls so Happy Crafting.

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