Thanks and chocs

Well what can I say but thanks to everyone who have left a comment on my last post.   I have had loads of comments on my decoration cards and I am inspired now to do a few more for the sale.   They are so easy to do and yet are just that little bit different.

I have managed to complete another two scarves this week but I have decided to wait until they are all done before I take another photo.   I just have this vision that a nest of fluffy scarves will be more visually appealing than one or two.

My craft fair makings continue apace and I have managed to wrap 27 small bars of chocolate without eating any.!!


Chocolate delight


Lisa over at A Day in the Life of a Craft Fairy started me off on this when she sent me 4 beautiful wrapped chocolates as part of a parcel she sent me.   I saw some small bars of Thornton’s Chocolates for a bargain price and thought I could adapted them as little thank you gifts.   There are 3 different flavours per pack but I thought I would  pile some of them up and lay some of them down in threes.   It seems to have worked pretty well.   All I have to do now is keep them away from my OH.   I wont have any left for selling if he finds my little stash.

Happy Crafting

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One Response to Thanks and chocs

  1. Belinda says:

    Oh how sweet is that? 🙂

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