Knitted Can-Can and fires

Well I haven’t blogged for a few days – can’t say why , just that I had a mental block.   OH put a fire on in our living room on Thursday as he thought it was a bit cold.   I will tell you all now we are a non central heated house.  Yes – we have no central heating.   We have an open fire in the living room and a Parkray in the dining room.  For anyone not familiar with these, they are an enclosed fire which heats the water and in our case one radiator in the bathroom.   It keeps the house reasonably warm in the winter.   The bedroom above the Parkray gets very hot and as this is ES room at the moment I have resisted putting this fire on yet.   I also have my craft area there so I am beginning to think that maybe OH is right and we need to be thinking about starting up the Parkray – once on it doesn’t go out as it is a faff to get going again!

But onto more crafty things I thought I would share this with you today –

Grey Can - Can wool

doesn’t look very inspiring does it ? – but check out the next picture for what it becomes –

2 finished Can-Can scarves

Orange and Jade coloured Can-Can

Don’t you just love the effect.   Knitted with just  7 stitches for the thicker one and  4 stitches for the thinner one.   The grey is a bit dull but the other colours I bought are just so zingy I couldn’t really resist.   They are just colours I love but I think there may be a couple of these on my table at the craft fair.   The wool or should I call it yarn is Creative Can-Can and is by Rico Design.   It is a little fiddly to knit with but there were no real problems and it is such fun .   My favourite craft shop – Your Touch of Craft in Bury St Edmunds – are one of the few people to have this over here I think and it is just flying out of their shop.   I was lucky enough to be there when the two other colours came in which is why I treated myself.   A case of buy it while you can as it won’t be there tomorrow.

Well this is all for now – off to my cool room to do some organising for the craft fair as it won’t do its self and I have set my self quite a list to complete before December.

Happy Crafting All

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3 Responses to Knitted Can-Can and fires

  1. kay says:

    You have been a busy lady,you are putting me to shame. love the scarves,don’t they look super. kay

  2. Sally says:

    Wow! These are fabulous! I love the yarn, it’s amazing. I used to knit a lot (until my joints protested too much) and I do miss it sometimes, especially when I see some of the beautiful colours and textures that are available. I was a big Rowan fan when I was a regular knitter!

  3. Linda says:

    I love these scarves. The yarn you have used looks gorgeous. I especially like that jade colour. I too used to knit but gave up when I had problems with carpal tunnel in both wrists.

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