WOYWW again

Its Wednesday again and as I enjoyed my foray into WOYWW last week I have decided to enter again.      I didn’t manage to visit everyone’s desk but managed all those who visited mine (I think ) and every 10th one  from my number.

WOYWW 68 - 2nd time of entering

My desk looks pretty much the same as I have a tendency to use the same items for a while.   (The knife is sheathed this week though.)   I have two metal embossed shapes on the work mat which I am playing with.   Hopefully they will become a card like the red one already there.  The big reel of foam tape I find much easier to use if I want to lift a big shape and the snow flake punches are there cos I have been making Christmas cards. ( haven’t used the snowflakes yet – but I will !!).

During the spring OH and I went to a flower and bulb sale in a local big house.    We picked up a large bag of small Gladioli corms for the princely sum of £1.   They were so small I didn’t think they would come to much this year.

Gladioli from the garden

But I went out the other day and these two beautiful blooms were there waiting to be picked.   I don’t do flower arranging and I realise now the vase is too big and should really be plain to show off the lovely colours.   One is a very pale lilac with a slightly darker edge and the other is that lovely cerise with a green throat.   There are one or two more to come but for a £1 I don’t think we can complain.   There wasn’t much else in the garden to put with them hence the rather eclectic mix of colours!

I’m off to play now with the shapes on my desk and to link up with WOYWW.

Happy Crafting.

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25 Responses to WOYWW again

  1. Liz says:

    £1 well spent hun they are lovely flowers and so cheery – thanks for sharing your space with us and hope you make a card out of your metaly bits soon – hug Liz (24)

  2. Liz says:

    loving the flowers £1 bargain thanks for sharing with us – Liz (24)

  3. Phree says:

    Fab desk, hope we see what you do with those embossed metal bits. Your gladies look gorgeous, fab bargain for a £1.

  4. sue says:

    Hi ya lovely creative desk, gorgeous flowers, well worth the £1.00, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(3)

  5. Katie says:

    ooo! Pretty flowers! Love your workspace! Hope the creativity flows when it’s time to use those embossed bits! (91)

  6. sheena says:

    love the look of the metal embossing
    thanks for sharing
    Sheena x 64

  7. helen says:

    Lovely flowers, and I am sure next year there’ll be loads of them. (19)

  8. Have never tried metal embossing, maybe some day as your look great. I think you did a great job of arranging your flowers, they are beautiful. #98

  9. Sue Allan says:

    I also use the same things over and over again.. gorgeous flowers!
    Have fun
    Sue xx 8

  10. Sherry says:

    Your desk looks busy – just like it should be! Lovely flowers and what a bargain. I like the colour mix too.

    (thanks for already coming to visit my desk – 103)

  11. Wanda says:

    Love the flowers and the sun shining on your desk ready to be played with.

  12. I’m a bit late for Wednesday, but hope it was as much fun the second time around. I tend to get stuck in a rut and use the same things over and over, rather than reaching for something different. I can totally relate. Love those flowers. And the bulbs were a real bargain, too. (I’m #2).

  13. Spyder says:

    lovely crafty desk and love those flower too…no, I’m guessing pictures won’t appear! but I just know they will be fabby!

    Have a Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #40

  14. Wipso says:

    Thanks for sharing your flowers they are beautiful.
    A x

  15. Ohhh Snap says:

    I like to keep tools out for a while too. It gives me more opportunity to see what I can make with them. Love the metal embossing. TFS! (75)

  16. butlersabroad says:

    Great desk! I’ve never tried metal embossing but it looks really fab. Beautiful flowers and such a bargain too!

    Brenda (88)

  17. Holly #120 says:

    That a great vase.. I think any shade of blooms would look great in there.

  18. twiglet says:

    I love gladioli and those are such lovely colours. We have hot orange ones in our garden.

  19. I’m fairly new to WOYWW too! Love your floral arrangement & you’re too hard on yourself – the vase is fine & so is the arrangement – actually I’d say it’s “classy”. Intrigued by your metal work, this is a fascinating way of seeing how differently we work.
    Paula -PEP (113)

  20. Julia Dunnit says:

    the gladioli kinda do it for themselves, the vase and arrangement are barely noticeable in their presence – they must make you happy. Very interested to see what you do with those lovely textured pieces…so far, lovely!

  21. Candace says:

    Bargain flowers

    Thanks for sharing Hugs Candace #43

  22. Jackie says:

    What beautiful blooms, love the photograph. I also love your harvest photograph with it’s vibrant colours .
    Thank you so much for dropping in on my blog and leaving a lovely comment :o)
    Jackie xx

  23. That was definitely a £1 well spent, they look lovely.

    A.xx (38)

  24. Jennifer says:

    wow..can I come play? lol xx Jenny xx

  25. That was a well spent £1.00 lol .. & your desk looks lovely & busy 😀 … christmas cards .. you lot on this woyww are Soooo organised lol 😀 x

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