Promarkers or not, that is the question!

Having a think this week as to whether to go into the Promarkers buying.   I have a total of three at the moment – Poppy, Bright Green and Canary.   Not exactly a great selection but went for basic when I chose them.   I am quite pleased with them and love the effect which I have seen others produce with them.   I’m just a little worried that Promarkers might be a step too far for me.   I am not an artist and have only basic colouring skills.  Have just about mastered the watercolour effect with my pencils and get a bit worried about all this blending lark with the Promarkers.   I am sure that I will end up with a lot of ‘mud’ on my cards!   I was going to be brave and send off for a set or two but have now decided that I will get another couple of similar colours locally and a blending pen and see how I go on.   If I make a mess then you will never know and I won’t have wasted much money and if the results are good then I am sure you will get to see my efforts and I will be buying more.

Very simple Christmas card

This is a very simple Christmas card I have to share today.    Red base card with a piece of gold sticky paper off set.  I have stamped the parcels from the free Creativity set and coloured in with a mixture of poppy Promarker , gold pen, green Marvy and a white gel pen.   I have added a few gems and some peel-offs to finish.   Voila! Quick and simple.

Thanks for looking and Happy Crafting.

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2 Responses to Promarkers or not, that is the question!

  1. Sally says:

    Eek! I promise you if you get into Promarkers there’ll be no stopping you!! I love this elegant Christmas card Tricia – the gold sets off the image beautifully, and I really like the rounded corners on your image panel. Beautiful! xx

  2. Very pretty card! Love the clean & simple lines!

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