My First blog award

I have just received my first blog award and I ‘m so honoured.    It was from a lovely lady called Sally. We met on the Docrafts forum and started our blogs about the same time.   We have a similar taste in cards styles but hers are just amazing.  Sally is one talented lady.   There are some ‘rules’ attached to the award but I think I can fulfill them, so here goes.

1 – Thank the person who gave me the Award

2 – Put award on my blog

3 – List three things I like about myself – a) I can make a meal out of nothing and stretch it for visitors.    b) I smile a lot – life is too short to be miserable.    c) I will have a try at most things crafty.

4 – Post a picture I love – The first time I had climbed a Munro in Scotland was in 2007.   My other half was well impressed, he had been trying for years to get me up a mountain.   I have done one or two more since but am not sure if I will manage any more!

5 – Pass the reward to 5 other lovely people who are:   1) Helen, 2) Lisa 3)  Mona, 4) Linda and  5) Jennie.    I am a follower on 3 of these blogs and have an RSS feed on the other two.  All these ladies have inspired me in some way and I hope they will accept the blog award.

Happy Crafting

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4 Responses to My First blog award

  1. Gorgeous photo! Thank you so much for the sweet blog award 🙂 Have a terrific day!

  2. MissyG says:

    Hi Tricia
    Thank you so much for awarding me my first bog award. I feel very honoured Have done all the necessary on my blog. Once again many many thanks

    • triciafojut says:

      It was a pleasure. It ‘s quite difficult to pass it on though but good fun. i enjoying this blogging even though I keep getting told off by eldest son for being to wordy.
      x Tricia

  3. Jenny says:

    Dear Tricia
    Thank you so very much for awarding me the “Sweet Blog Award”. I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to reply, but have been on holiday for 10 days! Holiday…..well it was supposed to be – only we’ve had to come home as the cold I went away with turned into bronchitis. I will be putting this on my blog very soon.

    Jenny x

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