Knitting and sewing

Managed to get some more of my pink scarf done last night so just need to find out how long approximately a childs scarf needs to be.   I have an RSS feed to a site called The Purl Bee. and they have an amazing scarf on there which is knitted in a very fine yarn in a lacy stitch which seems real easy to do.   Am not sure if we can get the yarn over here but I am very tempted to do the scarf anyway.  Will have to ask in Wibbling Wools – my local wonderful wool shop if they have any similar yarn.

It is a beautiful day here at the moment and I am loath to be inside.   The garden is crying out for some TLC but don’t think my back is up to that yet so it will have to wait for another week.   I was supposed to go walking tomorrow with the WI group but that again is probably a step to far.   Gentle walking I can manage but heath walking  – no.   The chances of jarring my back again would be too great.

This all is a great excuse to go up to my craft room and have a play.   Will need to get OH to put the sewing machine up for me later this week as I need to get my scarfs done for the trading table next week.   These are the pieces of material I bought while in Glasgow for little money.   I will post a before and after picture later of these pretty pieces of material.

Happy Crafting

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