Papercraft bargains

While my Mum was here we went to the Sincerely Yours Papercraft show at Thetford.   Mum has never been to a papercraft show before and as it is reasonably small I thought it would be something she would enjoy with out the hassle and crush of the bigger shows.  She loved it and we ended up buying a few bits and bobs for our respective stash.  (Unfortunately we can’t really share stuff as we live 150 miles apart and can’t just nip next door to borrow each others bits and pieces!).

August Sincerely Yours goodies.

I picked up 3 Sizzix texture plates for £3 which as they are double-sided is quite a bargain.  I had to buy an impression plate as well but even this didn’t put the price up too much.   There is a Nativity stamp which I think will get a lot of use.  I send quite a few cards to people at church and usually struggle to find a religious theme for them so this will help me produce a variety this year.   I have been resisting the temptation to buy a Tilda stamp as they are not really my style but I saw this ‘Graduate’ one and couldn’t resist.   Not sure that I will use it often but I think it will be useful to have for the future.   The rest of the goodies were things such as peel-offs and a few sheets of A4 sticky double-sided blank sheets which I will use in my Big Shot to cut out shapes which I will then glitter.   Well that is the idea anyway – watch this space.

Happy Crafting

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