Prize winning knitting

Well I did finish my knitted top for the village show on Saturday and was very pleased with it.  After sewing up the instructions were to cover with a damp cloth and leave until dry.   Looked fantastic the next morning and I duly entered it and a Ruby wedding card into the Handicrafts section.   Also entered a jar of Marmalade , made in Feb from a Delia recipe and a couple of photos for the village calendar comp.  OH entered 3 beetroot on a plate.   Had to be up and about reasonably early on show day as we wanted to go to town, get lunch and return to the village hall to see the rest of the exhibits.   Imagine my surprise then to discover that not only had my jumper got a second prize but that the marmalade and the card both got a best in show ticket and so had the OHs beetroot.   So I came away with a medal and a plaque for winning the new handicrafts section.   There wasn’t much competition but I was quite pleased with my self.

my winning jumper and card at village show

Sorry this is not a brilliant picture, I had put the jumper in some cellophane to keep it clean and there is a lot of shine.   You can just see the card on the far left of the picture with hearts on it.  I will take a picture later and post a better on.

I was really pleased with how the cardi turned out but after just one wearing it has ‘grown’ alarmingly….. I am not impressed.   Think I will have to wash it and hope it returns to its original condition.

This is it for now

Happy Crafting

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One Response to Prize winning knitting

  1. Aimsley says:

    Well done at the fair, sounds like fun! Shame about the cardi though…

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