Back to blogging

I haven’t blogged for quite a week or more as we have had my parents staying and it’s not really possible to spend much time on the computer when you have guests in the house – it would be very impolite.   I’m not a very organised person and didn’t get to doing the pre-prepared ones which you can schedule to show when you are not able to actually blog – maybe next time.

We have had a good time and although we didn’t do anything major exciting I got to go with my mum to a Sincerley Yours Papercraft show in Thetford, won some prizes at the village show, visited a local craft shop and went to see a couple of open gardens in my sons village.   Not to mention having at least three lunches, no, four lunches out so that was good.   My honorary grand – daughter has visited twice with her Mum and my parents have enjoyed the time with her.    My Mum even knitted a shrug for this little almost great grand-daughter to fill in the time.   ( Just realised I never took a photo of this, mores the pity.)

I have a few cards to make this week but don’t feel in the mood today.  I missed the dead line with my spotlight card but will still put up a photo as it is an interesting technique and someone might be interested enough to have a go.

This is all for now.

Happy Crafting and do come back later this week as I will have photos to share of various crafty things.

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