A new door

This year we decided we were going to replace our rather ancient front door with a nice new shiny wooden one.  We have gone for an English oak one and it has really made a difference to the amount of noise in the house and also I would imagine the amount of draught in the winter.   Our old door was the original one – 1919 vintage  – and we were reluctant to replace it but we are so pleased with the result.    It just looks so good and OH and myself almost want to keep going out of it just to be able to open it and come back in – how sad is that!

I have been a bit quiet on the crafting front the last day or two as we have visitors coming and I needed to concentrate on getting the house ship – shape as you do.  I have two or three projects on my desk which I fiddle with each time I go into the craft room.   I was blog hopping the other day and ended up at Crafty Cardmakers blog.  They have a challenge  which this time is Spotlight Challenge – Spotlight Technique.  I have never done this before but have done similar as in this card.

Not quite a spotlight technique card

I first posted this card on the 29th June a few days after I had started my blog but it will serve to illustrate what I am talking about.   In a spotlight card the piece I have inserted on the card would in this case be left uncoloured , alternatively you can leave the card uncoloured and just colour the ‘spotlight’.  I am trying this with one of the stamps I got from ‘Artistic Stamper’ which was my prize for winning over on ‘Moving along With The Times’.   The stamp I am using is called ‘Fat Sparrows’ and just seems to be just right for the spotlight technique.   It is shaping up quite well and I hope to get it finished after the weekend so I will post on here then.

The past few evenings I have been relaxing with my knitting.  I have started the first sleeve of my top which I am knitting and hoping that I will get it finished in time to enter it into the village show which is the next weekend.  A lot will depend on how much knitting I get done with the visitors here.   We will see.

Happy crafting.

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