Gallopers, steam trains and scrapbooks.

Today I have spent a great day with my sons partner and her little girl.  We have been on steam trains and the ‘Gallopers’.   She has loved it as has Mother and honorary Grandma!!.   We have had a lovely time  – a picnic in the grounds and an ice – cream.   What more can you ask when you are 3 1/2.   What was her favourite – the trains which we went on three times!

Since I have been back I have finished of the last page for my Cornish Holiday scrapbook.   I wont tell you how many pages I have done suffice to say it is quite a few.  We went to Cornwall last year in May for my 60th birthday and it has taken me until then to get around to doing the pictures for it.

One of the Bressingham trains

This is just one of the trains at Bressingham.  There are usually four trains but there were only two running today so we went on the other little one twice.   The favourite bit has to be when this train waits for the little train so that every one can wave at each other as they go different ways.

The next pictures are three of the pages from my scrapbook.  As you can tell I am a bit minimalistic when it comes to scrapbooking.

Scrapbook - Cornwall 1

We had such a wonderful time in Cornwall that I took loads of photos. ( I have decided that digital cameras are bad for you  – you end up with too many photos to choose from).  I Love shapes and colours and patterns and as neither my OH or myself really like being photographed we end up with lots of scenes and patterns etc.   The next page is two places we enjoyed being at and although Padstow has another few pictures, Charlestown only ended up with this panoramic.

Scrapbook - Cornwall 2

The last page which is also the last page in the book is of Castle Drogo – not in Cornwall but nevertheless it was the last place we visited before coming home last year.  Beautiful castle and stunning grounds.

Scrapbook - Cornwall 3

The top photo is another composite of two photos which I thought worked very well.  I know these pages aren’t to everyone’s taste but I wanted to show something other than cards.  Cards aren’t the only craft I do – hence the ‘Confetti’ in the blog title.

This is all for today and I hope I have kept it short even if there are 4 photos.

Happy crafting.

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One Response to Gallopers, steam trains and scrapbooks.

  1. Sally says:

    I’m so glad you all had a wonderful day out! I bet you honorary grandaughter loved the little trains!

    Your scrap book pages are beautiful. They have such gorgeous photos and are a lovely keepsake for your special birthday x

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