Time today to scrapbook as have a day to myself and can get everything out on the dining table without worrying about meals.

Was looking through my RSS feeds on Sunday last and saw Lisa over at A Day in the Life of a Craft Fairy was having a sale.  She had some cute little wooden cats and some flowers and as I never seem to have the colour  I want I decided to treat myself.  Her package arrived this morning including a cute little package of choccies.  I will be able to treat myself later on without feeling I must share.  My OH is a chocoholic and can’t understand the fact that I can actually just eat I one chocolate a day from a box of chocs so they last me ages.

A quick visit to the village Gardening Club tonight when we visited the new allotments in the village and had a little picnic of wine and a few nibbles.  There are only six small allotments but they have been only going for about a year and they are really flourishing.  The owners obviously have some green fingers as their veg is much better than ours!

I have no cards to share with you today but thought I would share a photo I took while we were in Glasgow a month ago.  I am always looking up when I go to new places as you often see interesting things.

Peacock in Glasgow

This is on top of a building in the centre of Glasgow and was just not the sort of thing you would have expected.   So don’t forget to look up occasionally and be amazed by what you might see.

Happy Crafting.

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