Buttons and crops.

I have decided to go a crop tonight in town which is quite a departure for me as I usually only do scrapbooking in the village when I attend a Creative Memories meeting at a friend’s house.   She doesn’t hold one in July and August and when this one came up I thought I would give it a go.  Need to sort out a few pictures to scrap this afternoon or else I can see that I will get nothing done this evening except admire other people’s work!

One of the things I have been meaning to do since I started this blog was to post a photo of a little shrug I have knitted but more importantly the lovely buttons that youngest sons partner made for me from silver clay.    I am really pleased with them and I hope that she will make some more for other items I make and also to sell if we decide to do a stall in December at a local  craft fair.

The wool for the top is Noro ‘Silk Garden’ and I buy in a local shop.   I’m sure you will be able to buy on the net somewhere if you type in Noro.   The pattern is from a book by Jenny Watson called ‘Designer Mini Knits’ and is Design 23.   There are lots of different patterns in the book for women and girls and also Hats, scarves, gloves and bags.  So it is quite a good source of patterns using this brand of wool.

Noro Shrug with silver buttons

Sarah's Silver Clay Buttons

I’m an intermittent knitter and will often have two or three projects on the go.  At the moment I am knitting another top in a beautiful double knitting from Sublime called ‘Bamboo & pearls’   It is a lovely silky yarn to knit with and I think it will be lovely to wear when it is finished.   don’t think I will finish it before the summer is over though.!

I have made a pact with myself that I will finish a lot of the projects I have got on the go this year before I buy myself anything new to start.  It is a hard thing to do when there are so many beautiful yarns, fabrics, papers etc on the market these days.   All very tempting.

I hope the buttons will tempt you to have a go at Silver Clay work if you ever get the chance.  It has a lot of possibilities and is a brilliant way to get to try something new.   (I’m not on commission with this but just enamoured with the product. You will have to ‘google it’ to find out more for yourself).

Well this is all for today.

Happy Crafting.

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One Response to Buttons and crops.

  1. Sally says:

    Wow! Stunning little shrug Tricia – such fabulous colours. I love those buttons, when I zoomed in to see them closer I could see how detailed and delicate they are. Absolutely beautiful. I used to knit a few years ago and used Rowan yarn most of the time which I loved. I can’t knit now because of my joints but I still love to drool over gorgeous things like this! X

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