Weddings, holidays and village fete

Well it has been a bit of a week what with one thing and another.  This time last week we were up in Glasgow for the first family wedding for 19 years.   Hubby’s nephew got married and a lovely wedding it was too.   Left our hotel at 1.15pm and didn’t get back until almost 12 hours later.  Good food, good company and lots of dancing – although not a Scottish dance in sight , a few kilts though!!

We stopped a few days in Glasgow as hubby actually comes from the other side of the country ( well sort of – bit of a long story that one) so we don’t know Glasgow well at all.   Some beautiful buildings and long, long streets!   We managed to see a few of the sights including  ‘The Barras’ and the Titan Crane.   Got a bit wet a few times but generally it was a lovely break and the hotel was lovely.

Managed to get a bit of crafty stash from various places on the way back home – including ‘The Craftzone’ in Pontefract where my parents live.  If you ever get a chance do go – if Wendy hasn’t got it then no-one has!!   It is a bit tight for space but the actually space is huge.  You definitely could spend a fortune and I have to be really stern with myself when we go.

Holiday stashI also found a lovely shop selling material and couldn’t resist buying some pieces of chiffon which I hope to make into some scarves later on.   They might end up as lavender bags though as I have been looking in my garden and the lavender has done well after I gave some of it a severe haircut earlier this year.

Today has been our village fete and despite the blistering heat there seemed to have been quite a few people there.  I helped sell the cake draw tickets under the trees where there was a pleasant breeze but as usual ended up with my hands in the sink washing up the cups from the tea stall.   They were doing scrummy strawberry teas though!

Last but not least is my entry for Apricotsals Sunday stamping challenge which was to involve paper piecing.   Haven’t uploaded it to Docrafts yet so you will have a preview if you are looking on here now.   The stamp is a Hero Art one from 2004. (Most of my stamps are quite old!) .   The border is a Martha Stewart punch which I love and the papers are the free ones from this months Cardmaking and Papercraft.  The peeloffs are from stash and the colours are from a couple of sets of Colourbox inks.

Paper Piecing

By the way the title says ‘weddingS’ because on the Sunday in Glasgow on our way out of the hotel we got tied up with an Indian Wedding party coming into the hotel escorted by two policemen as the groom was riding up to the hotel on a horse!!! Not something you expect to see at that time in the morning.

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