Gardening produce

Looks like our garden may at last give us some results this year.   Hubby has been working really hard and has planted lots of veggies and has been busy constructing fruit cages etc to keep the pesky pigeons of our fruit.  So far we have had lettuce , courgettes and some blackcurrants but it is very satisfying having your own grown stuff even if it is a constant battle against the garden foes and at he moment the lack of water.    There is a lot more to come as long as everything doesn’t die of thirst but it is great to see the garden looking good.

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One Response to Gardening produce

  1. Sally says:

    I’m pleased you are both enjoying the garden – everything sounds yummy! We only have a very small patch but we grew some tomatoes and little lettuces in pots last year and although we only got enough for about 6 meals it was really exciting! Sally x

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