Birthday Money

I had a bit of birthday money left to spend so I have treated myself to two more Promarkers so now have 3.   Also bought 4 ‘sharpies’ which I had heard of but never seen.  My local stationery cum craft shop has a small selection so I will treat myself as and when, if I think I will use them.   I quite like my Marvy pens for stamping with as you can ‘huff’ them and get a fading effect which is great on flower stamps.   The Promarkers  I feel are a bit dense for my liking so I don’t think I will be having many of those.

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One Response to Birthday Money

  1. Sally says:

    I must admit I haven’t tried Sharpies though I have heard of them. I used to have some Promarkers but sold them as I didn’t get on with them as well as my usual coloured pencils and blending oil. I probably didn’t give them enough of a try – I always love the effect I see whenever anyone else uses them but couldn’t see to get it right myself! love Sally x

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