Another Walking Wednesday

Today was the local WI monthly walk around our village.  Just a short walk of about 3.5 miles but gives us chance to get out and about.   There were only five of us did the whole walk today but two came along and did about a mile and a half each.   For various reasons they weren’t able to do more.  We finished at our local pub where we had a lovely lunch in the garden.  We have been clocking up some walking miles for a WI challenge which is running from April to September – think we have actually completed all the miles asked of us now but we are quite enjoying the excercise so hopefully will keep it up long after September is past.

No crafting today and in fact there will be no crafting for the next few days as we have a busy few days ahead of us.   I will have plenty to do to keep me occupied though and I will share some of it in a few days time and hopefully have some photos to share as well.

I was a bit early meeting up with everyone and I took time to look around me and took these couple of photos of a wild poppy and mallow by the wayside.

Sometimes you have to take time out and see what is around you.

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