Birthday treat.

Well I have had a wonderful birthday today.   I have spent it at a silver clay workshop with youngest sons partner with 3 other people who we have enjoyed another workshop with in March.  If you have never heard of silver clay is just what it says on the tin – silver mixed with clay to give you a very malleable silver which is very easy to work.   Today I have made a silver ring I would never have bought myself, a filigree pendant, a pair of earrings and two charms.   Hubby bought me a lovely clutch handbag, eldest son got me some heart-shaped nestabilities and cooked a wonderful dinner for us, youngest son has offered to pay for the next silver clay workshop and I also got some money to treat myself to some goodies.

The above picture shows what I have produced today.   It really doesn’t do it justice but if you ever get a chance have a go – it is really good fun and quite rewarding.   You could never buy bespoke jewellery for the price you would spend on a days course.

x Tricia

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One Response to Birthday treat.

  1. Sally says:

    Oh wow, Tricia! The jewellery looks stunning! What a fabulous birthday you’ve had – glad to hear your family is spoiling you! Love Sally x

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