Friday already

Can’t believe we are at the end of the week let alone nearly the end of the month!   Have been to have my hair done today so at least I will look presentable for the wedding next weekend.   Also managed to have a sneaky visit to my favourite craft shop on the pretence of writing a wish list from which my Eldest Son can choose a b’day pressie for me.  Managed to come out with a little something though as well.  It is actually a dressmakers tracing wheel but makes a cool pattern on paper – I will post a card when I have got around to doing one with it.   Also nipped into another crafty shop as I was on my way to meet Hubby for the dreaded weekly shop – picked up just a pack of Papermania Monochrome gems as yesterday when I was making cards I wanted some black ones but didn’t have any.  The ones I have bought aren’t really small enough so I will have to look elsewhere but I’m sure they will come in handy!!!

Tomorrow I have a treat day as I am going to a silver clay workshop with Youngest sons partner.   We went to one in March and we made beautiful earrings and a necklace and tomorrow I think it is more earrings and a ring so it should be good fun.   Eldest son will cook as it my b’day and I just have a day to relax.

Yesterday I made a couple of cards including this one for a challenge on the Docrafts website.   It was ‘ Spread a little Sunshine’ and had to include yellow flowers.   I have sent it to a good friend and I hope she likes it.   I don’t see her very often but know she has had a rough couple of years what with one thing or another, so it should make her smile a bit.

x Tricia

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