8 mile Walk…

….yes I really did do that much walking.  Interfederation WI walk, about 55 ladies and a very hot sunny day but it was a wonderful walk and I am now just about keeping awake.  Did the walk in two chunks – 5 miles before lunch and 3 miles after.   Lunch was wonderful prepared by a local WI as only a WI can do lunches , so plenty of choice, well prepared and very tasty and there was pudding!!   Probably put on as many pounds as I had hope to take off!!!

No crafting today though so a busy day tomorrow as I try and catch up on a couple of challenges I wanted to enter.   Not to mention  a few things to squirrel away for a fair in Dec.       x Tricia

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One Response to 8 mile Walk…

  1. Sally says:

    Well done on the walking, Tricia – that’s a fair old distance in that heat! Hope you’ve had a good day today and managed to get some crafting done! x

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