Craft Evening tonight

Tonight is the night I run a craft group.   I call it the ‘back of the drawer’ group.  It was set  up in January to encourage people to pull out those  projects they started but never finished for what ever reason and to hopefully pass on some crafty skills to the younger generation of women who had no craft skill training at school.   It seems to be going quite well and I am pleased with how things are panning out.

Tonight we are to have a ‘Learn to Crochet ‘ time with myself and a couple of other ladies so there has been no card crafting today just practising the crochet.  I must be mad as I haven’;t crocheted for years.  Aah well time will tell.

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2 Responses to Craft Evening tonight

  1. Sally says:

    Good luck tonight! I love crochet – not very good at it but I enjoy seeing what other people make! Sally x

    • triciafojut says:

      Thanks Sally for your messages. I really love the craft group but the only real things I have done in crochet were a couple of waistcoats in the ‘hippy’ days and a baby blanket so I’m hoping peeps only want to do wool crochet!!.

      Better go and bite the bullet – got to set up on my own tonight. Tricia

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